• Space and Conversion in Global Perspective

    Wietse de Boer

    de Boer book coverExamines experiences of conversion as they intersect with physical location, mobility, and interiority....more.

  • Asian Slaves in Colonial Mexico: From Chinos to Indians

    Tatiana Seijas

    Asian Slaves in Colonial Mexico: From Chinos to Indians book coverDuring the late sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, countless slaves from culturally diverse communities.... more

  • Writing the Gettysburg Address

    Martin P. Johnson

    Writing the Gettysburg Address book cover Four score and seven years ago....  Are any six words better known, of greater import, or from a more crucial moment in our nation's history? ....more

  • From Eve to Evolution

    Kimberly A. Hamlin

    Hamlin book coverFrom Eve to Evolution provides the first full-length study of Amrican women's responses to evolutionary theory and illuminates the role science played...more

  • Love in the Time of Revolution

    Andrew Cayton

    Love in the Time of Revolution book cover In 1798, English essayist and novelist William Godwin ignited a transatlantic scandal with Memoirs of the Author of "A Vindication of the Rights of Woman."....more

  • Writing Medieval Womens Lives

    Charlotte Newman Goldy

    Writing Medieval Women's Lives book cover Medieval women's history is entering a new stage.  In the last thirty years medievalists have recovered the sources about women....more

  • Blockbuster History in the New Russia

    Stephen N. Norris

    Blockbuster History book coverSeeking to rebuild the Russian film industry after its post-Soviet collapse, directors and producers sparked a revival of nationalist and patriotic sentiment....more

  • Enlightened Aid

    Amanda Kay McVety

    Enlightened Aid book cover The book begins with the modern concept of progress in the Scottish Enlightenment, follows the development of this concept in nineteenth- and early twentieth-century economics and anthropology....more

  • Coffee: A Comprehensive Guide to the Bean, the Beverage, and the Industry

    Coffee book coverRobert W. Thurston.  a definitive guide to the many rich dimensions of the bean and the beverage around the world....more