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Online Journals

Check out the following journals sponsored by the Department of History.

Origins: Current Events in Historical Perspective, co-edited by Nicholas Breyfogle (Ohio State University and Steven Conn (Miami University)

Journeys into the Past: An Online Journal of the History Department, which features recent work by Miami University History students (general editor, Stephen Norris)


Regele Manufacturing

Manufacturing Advantage

Lindsay Schakenbach Regel

In 1783, the Revolutionary War drew to a close, but America was still threatened by enemies at home and abroad.

Gordon book

Concubines and Courtesans: Women and Slavery in Islamic History

Matthew S. Gordon

Sixteen essays on enslaved and freed women across medieval and pre-modern Islamic history....Read more

Legacy of Stella Walsh

The Forgotten Legacy of Stella Walsh: The Greatest Female Athlete of Her Time

Sheldon Anderson

Tells the story of Walsh's remarkable life. A pioneer in women's sports, Walsh was ... Read more

Sheumaker book

Artifacts from Modern America

Helen Sheumaker

This intriguing book examines how material objects of the 20th century.... Read more

Spellman book cover

Cornering the Market: Independent Grocers and Innovation in American Small Business

Susan V. Spellman

In popular stereotypes, local grocers were avuncular men....Read more.

Rendering Nature cover

Rendering Nature: Animals, Bodies, Places, Politics

Marguerite S. Shaffer and Phoebe S. K. Young

We exist at a moment during which the entangled challenges facing the human and naturals worlds... Read more

Albarran book cover

Seen and Heard in Mexico

Elena Jackson Albarr

During the first two decades following the Mexican Revolution, children in the country....Read more.

Enlightened Aid book cover

Enlightened Aid

Amanda Kay McVety

The book begins with the modern concept of progress in the Scottish Enlightenment, follows the development of this concept in nineteenth- and early twentieth-century economics and anthropology....Read more