Goldwater scholar
Microbiology at Miami

Microbiology Seminar Series

Fall 2018

218 Pearson Hall
Wednesdays@4:15 pm

October 3

Dominika Jurkovic, PhD
Ohio Department of Agriculture
Title: "Protecting Ohioans and Their Food Supply, One Bacterial Culture at a Time"

October 24

Bill Miller, PhD
University of Cincinnati
Title: "The Cytomegalovirus vGPCRs: Signaling and Effects on Viral Dissemination and Persistence"

November 7

Rowan Grayling, PhD
Proctor and Gamble
Title: "Microbiology beyond academics: why moving to ‘the Dark Side’ isn’t at all bad."

November 14

Ryan Relich, PhD
Indiana University School of Medicine
Title: "Pathogen Detection and Characterization in the 21st Century – Recent Advances in the Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases"

November 28

Josha Yuan, PhD
Texas A & M University
Title: "Biodesign of Microbes and Plants for Renewable Fuels, Chemicals, and Materials"

December 5

Annie Rowe, PhD
University of Cincinnati
Title: "Eating Rocks! Microbes that mobilize electrons from minerals, electrodes and other microbes for energy acquisition"