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Every spring semester, all graduate students take a Research Seminar in which they have the opportunity to develop an individual scholarly project into a publishable essay.  Recently students have worked on the following projects: 


  • "Zarathustra's Frenemy: Agonism and Self-Overcoming"
  • "A Pun is its Own Reword: Grammatical Jokes and Philosophy in Wittgenstein's Philosophical Investigations"
  • "Dreaming with their Eyes Open: A New Spinozist Perspective on Mending the Mind"
  • "Divine Ethics and the Limits of Law"
  • "Feminist Collectivities and the Virtue of Political Imagination"
  • "Impersonal Personal Identity"
  • "Despair in Becoming a Self: Faith and the Demonic"
  • "Antigone Resurrected"
  • "The Poet and the Philosopher: An Analysis of the Lyrical Voice in Kierkegaard's Fear and Trembling"


  • "Kant and Adorno: Objective Mimesis of the Sublime”
  • "Foundations of Meaning: Phenomenology, Language and Cognition"
  • "Descartes, Pascal and Narcissism: Self-Love in Descartes' Passions of the Soul and Pascal's Pensées"
  • "Reflective Judgment and the Production of Immanent 'Transcendental' Conditions in Hannah Arendt's Kant Lectures"
  • “Cartesian Hate: A Delusion of Invulnerability”
  • "Does Feminist Critique Need Ontology?"
  • “The Time of the Contingent: Walter Benjamin’s Aura”
  • “Descartes’ Integration of Biology and Reason in Moral Philosophy”
  • "The Human Element: Reading Benjamin through Hegel-Colored Glasses"
  • "Harnessing Cupid: Superinducing Virtuous Affections and Binding the Imagination"