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    Dr. Patrick Haney

    Welcome to the Department of Political Science. Prospective students will find information about majors and what you might study as a Political Science student at Miami University. Current students will find information about your professors, office hours, major and minor requirements, internships, fellowships, jobs, and upcoming current events. Alumni will find information about what other alumni are doing and learn how you might be able to Make a Difference. We are very proud of our faculty, staff, current students and alumni. Please look around and you will understand why.


  • March 20-26


    Spring Break

  • Dr. Neack's New Book "National, International, and Human Security: A Comparative Introduction" is now available.

    Dr. Laura Neack has a new book in the New Millennium Books in International Studies series titled National, International, and Human Security: A Comparative Introduction.

    "This clear and concise new edition offers a comprehensive comparison of national, international, and human security concepts and policies. Dr. Neack argues that security remains elusive because of a centuries-old ethic insisting that states are the primary and most important international actors, that they can rely ultimately only on themselves for protection, and that they must keep all options on the table for national security. This is particularly apparent with the increase in “glocalized” terrorism and the forced migration of millions of people.

    Although security as a concept can be widened to encompass almost any aspect of existence, Neack focuses especially on security from physical violence. Case studies are blended throughout to bring life to the concepts. New cases in this revised edition include the Syrian refugee crisis and the responses from European states; the growth and reach of jihadist terrorist groups and the unilateral and multilateral military actions taken to confront them; drug trafficking organizations and the Mexican government’s failure to protect citizens; the overt use of preventive war by major and regional powers and the increasing American reliance on drone warfare; multilateral train-and-assist operations aimed at peacekeeping and counterterrorism in Africa; UN civilian protection mandates in Libya and Côte d’Ivoire and their lack in Syria; and how terrorism and refugee crises are intimately connected." 

    The book was released on January 27, 2017, and if anyone is interested in purchasing a copy, please click the link to the page

    New Neack Book

  • POL Student Spotlight: Rachel Reeves

    Congratulations to POL's Rachel Reeves for receiving the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship! Rachel along with two other students will be receiving the Gilman Scholarship, funded by the US Department of State, to help fund their study abroad experiences this upcoming spring.

    These students are three of the 850 American undergraduates selected from over 2,700 applicants for the Spring 2017 Gilman Scholarship Program. Rachel (Political Science, East Asian Languages and Culture) will be spending the spring semester in Chengdu, China with the USAC Chinese Language and Culture Program.

    In addition to the Gilman Scholarship, Rachel also received scholarships from Freeman-ASIA, a program administered by the Institute for International Education and funded by the Freeman Foundation to increase the number of undergraduate students studying abroad in Asia. Congratulations Rachel!

  • 2017 Ohio Public Leader Fellows

    Congratulations to the following students who have been awarded and are now serving 2017 Ohio Public Leader Fellowships:

    2017 Ohio Public Leader Fellows

    Front Row: Lauren Elliott, Nathan Mandrell & Jeff Gord
    Back Row: Jacob Bruggeman, Natalie Roberts, Amanda Smith, President Crawford, Dylan Bentley, Kyle Chance, Lindsey McCready, Deanna Krokos & Lexi Burney
    Not Pictured: David Colston, Libby Edgar, & Dexter Wright

    The OPL Fellowships are being served during the 2017 Winter term.

  • Ohio Township Association 2017 Conference

    POL/CPMRA students attended the Ohio Township Association 2017 Winter Conference in Columbus where they met Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine.

    Ohio Township Association 2017 Conference

    L to R: OH AG Mike DeWine, Alex Calabro, Kyle Chance, Addie Fries, Olivia Vandervoort, & Natalie Roberts

  • The Ohio State University's Journal of Politics and International Affairs is Looking for Submissions

    The Journal of Politics & International Affairs (JPIA) at The Ohio State University is seeking qualified student submissions to be published in the Spring 2017 issue. JPIA is a student-run journal that publishes papers written by undergraduate students in the areas of Political Science, International Studies, Economics, Public Affairs, Sociology, and related fields. Publication in the Journal is an opportunity to reach a wider audience outside of the class, as well as a learning experience through the editing and feedback process. They seek to publish high quality papers that address current events and relevant subjects in the area of politics and international affairs. Ideal submissions are both informative and argumentative, with well-developed theses and strong mechanics. 

    The Journal typically publishes original research, theses, and essays written for upper-level courses although all majors and class ranks are invited. If this opportunity is of interest to you, they highly encourage you to submit a paper for publication on their website

    The deadline is March 1, 2017 and submissions are reviewed on a rolling basis. The JPIA has recently updated their submission guidelines, and ask you to carefully review them before submitting. 

  • Photos from the Freedom of Speech Event are Now Viewable

    Photos from the February 1, 2017 Event, "Freedom of Speech and the Path to a More Perfect Union" are now viewable online. 

  • The Augustus J. “Gus” Jones, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

    Gus JonesThe Department of Political Science and the family of Dr. Jones wish to honor Gus’s memory by establishing a scholarship in his name: The Augustus J. “Gus” Jones, Jr. Memorial Scholarship. The scholarship will be awarded every spring for the next academic year and given to to students of historically underrepresented populations, with first preference to African American students. Checks can be made to the Miami University Foundation and note “Gus Jones” on the memo line, or gifts can be made online at, and click “other fund” and in the box below write “Gus Jones.”


  • Upcoming events:

    Havighurst Events Calendar

    Mar 20-26: Spring Break

    April 5: O'Hara Lecture (6:00 p.m. in Shideler Hall) Robin DiAngelo

    April 11: Inclusion Series Lecture, Voter Fraud: Political Reality and Why it Matters (5:00-6:30 p.m in Shriver John Dolibois Rooms A, B, & C)

    April 25: Undergraduate Awards Event 

    May 13: Spring Commencement



  • How do I apply for internship credit?

    Visit the Internships and Fellowships page for information and to submit your internship application using our online more paper!

    Internships and Fellowships

  • When can I meet with my professor?

    All of the POL faculty and staff Fall 2016 office hours can be found on the POL website. The list also includes office numbers, telephone numbers, and email addresses.

    Faculty Office Hours

  • Who is my POL Advisor?

    The POL advisors list has been updated for 2016-17. NOTE: Advisors have been assigned for incoming first year students (2016) and returning students (began before this fall). Be sure you check the correct list to find your advisor. You should also be able to find your assigned advisor on MyMiami once updated. 

    Who is my POL Advisor?

  • Does POL offer Undergraduate Associate experiences?

    Yes. Many POL faculty members invite high potential undergraduate students to serve as an Undergraduate Associate in their classrooms. You are encouraged to talk to your professor about the UA Program and express your interest in this unique and valuable experience.

    Visit the UA Program website for additional information.

    Undergraduate Associate forms

  • What is the "experiential learning" requirement?

    The Global Miami Plan now requires incoming students to complete an experiential learning requirement. From the EL website, "Experiential learning is the process of making meaning from direct experience in a real world or an "out of the traditional classroom" context. It offers students the opportunity to initiate lifelong learning through the development and application of academic knowledge and skills in new or different settings."

    Visit the EL website for additional information and courses that satisfy the requirement.

  • What courses can I take?

    POL offers a wide variety of courses each semester. Visit the course catalog to read brief descriptions of the POL course offerings. NOTE: not every course is offered every semester.

    POL Course Descriptions

    Global Miami Plan


  • Havighurst Lecture Spring 2017

    posted 3/13: Please see below for more information...

    Havighurst Lecture Spring 2017

  • O'Hara Lecture in Law and Politics

    April 5 - The Lloyd and Mary O’Hara Lecture in Law & Politics: Robin DiAngelo

    O'Hara Lecture


  • Internship Disclaimer

    The internships, fellowships, and opportunities posted on this website are for student informational purposes and should not be considered an endorsement by Miami University or the Department of Political Science of any political party, candidate, or special interest group.
  • Ohio Legislative Service Commission Fellowship Program is Looking for Applicants!

    posted 2/28: See attached for more information (you can also click this link for more information on applying)

    Ohio Legislative Service Commission Fellowship Program

  • City of Hamilton Fellowship Program and Opportunities

    posted 2/21: The City of Hamilton, Ohio currently has five fellowship opportunities available for post-graduates. The Fellowship Program is comprised of five 11-month post-graduate fellowships preparing individuals for a dynamic, upper management-oriented career in city management, city planning, finance, utilities and economic development. This competitive, nationally-recognized program has attracted students from top graduate schools since its initiation in 2011. 

    Fellows have also come from a wide variety of graduate programs such as public administration, economics, environmental science, management, graphic design, and urban planning, among others. For students that are interested in challenging and stimulating public sector work, this is an excellent opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to a progressive and historically significant city. This program gives selected participants unique access and insight into the efforts of a mid-sized city government working to resolve some of its most pressing issues, and provides unparalleled opportunities to meet and network with executives, managers, and elected officials. 

    If this type of opportunity interests you, please click this link to view the five fellowship positions. They encourage applicants to submit their application materials by April 3rd. Please contact Aaron Hufford at for any questions related to this program 

  • New Zealand Political Campaign Opportunity

    posted 2/9: The New Zealand Labour Party is currently looking for interested persons in a unique political campaigning experience. Caitlin Johnson, a Miami University graduate and regional Auckland Labour Party Campaign Organizer, would like to recruit Miami students to help New Zealand's Labour Party. This is a unique opportunity to gain international and campaign experience. The commitment they are asking for is a minimum of 10 weeks with a desired start date in late May/early June.

    If there any questions or if you are interested in applying, you can email Caitlin (make sure to send your resume and cover letter if interested in applying) at 

  • NEW Leadership Ohio Opportunity!

    posted: 2/2: NEW Leadership Ohio is a five-day residential program that educates Ohio college women about politics and policy-making to actively engage them in the political process. Participants will learn the history of women's involvement in public life, gain leadership skills in public speaking, advocacy and diversity and forma a network of their peers as well as current women leaders.

    Program: The purpose of NEW Leadership is to encourage and empower college women to take on public and political leadership roles. Participants spend five days in an intensive, residential institute. During this time participants will: learn the history of women's involvement in public life, gain leadership skills in public speaking, advocacy, and diversity and form a network of their peers as well as current women leaders. Once the residential institute ends, NEW Leadership participants are encouraged to continue building their leadership skills on home campuses. They are also encouraged to consider running for public office at some time in the future.

    Cost: Because of the generosity of contributors, NEW Leadership Ohio pays for all program costs, including meals and lodging. NEW Leadership students are responsible for one lunch on your own and travel costs incurred in getting to and from the program location in Columbus, Ohio. Because of the immense efforts put into fully funding each NEW Leadership student, accepted students cannot defer enrollment in the program.

    Eligibility: NEW Leadership Ohio is open to college women enrolled in any Ohio 2-year or 4-year college or university, or Ohio residents attending school outside of the state. Participants represent different racial, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds, as well as a variety of academic majors, ages and interests. All political views are welcome. Diversity of views and positions on interests is considered a strength of the program.

    For more information about this program and to apply, please visit their websiteTo be considered for the 2017 NEW Leadership cohort, please complete the online application form by February 28, 2017.

  • Environment America Needs Seniors!

    posted 1/26: Environment America is currently looking for seniors to participate in a fellowship with the organization to "defend the progress [they've] made and stay focused on what America can do and must do for our environment". 

    Environment America is looking to recruit a team of staff that will work to:

    • Protect the bees by banning toxic chemicals that are helping to drive bees and other pollinators toward extinction.
    • Commit more communities and campuses to 100% renewable energy and to fight to keep more fossil fuels in the ground
    • Protect the parks and places loved by all.
    • Most of all, they're committed to inviting everyone to join, regardless of political divisions, Environment America strives to protect the same environment that everyone lives in.

    For more information on Environment America, click this link and to apply for a job with the organization, click this link.

  • U.S. PIRG is Looking For Seniors!

    posted 1/26: The United States Public Interest Research Group is currently recruiting seniors for their own fellowship. The U.S. PIRG fellowship will "defend the progress [they've] made and stay focused on what America can do and must do for the public interest."

    Those recruited to work in the fellowship will work to:

    • Keep chemicals linked to cancer out of rivers, food and bodies by banning Monsanto's Roundup unless it's proven safe
    • Keep a "consumer cop on the financial beat" despite the protests of Wall Street lobbyists.
    • Keep big donors from gaining even more influence over elections.

    If interested in working with the U.S. PIRG, please click this link

  • Political Science Internships Available in Nepal

    posted 1/26: Internship Nepal's application is now available for students interested in traveling to Nepal for an abroad internship. Internship Nepal offers a unique range of services for students of Political Science, Law, Human Rights Research, and Thesis Writing in Kathmandu, Nepal.

    The internship itself consists of:

    • Living in a home stay with an extremely hospitable host family in Kathmandu
    • Accommodations like food (3 meals a day)/ Wi-Fi/Homestay will be provided at an extremely affordable cost
    • Raw materials and resources will be provided for research. Students will be placed in different organizations for research if needed. Their team of trained professionals ensures continuous guidance and individual support to the students in their projects.
    • Brainstorming, group discussions and timely presentation of prepared reports
    • Working as an intern/volunteer for organizations working for benefits of human rights
    • Interviews with recognized personnel of different subjects will be arranged timely, in order to help students get ideas, opinions, and facts for their projects
    • Students will be involved in field trips/hikes/trips/tours inside and outside Kathmandu regularly. This will allow them to experience the true culture and scenic beauty of Nepal along whilst enjoying the unique courtesy of the Nepalese.

    Students interested can email or visit their website for more information.

  • Scoville Fellowship Application

    Posted 12/9: The Herbert Scoville Jr. Peace Fellowship is looking for recent college/graduate school alumni to apply for a six to nine month fellowship in Washington DC focusing on arms control, peace, and international security issues. Scoville Fellows work with one of more than two dozen participating public-interest organizations. They may undertake a variety of activities, including research, writing, public education and advocacy on a range of security issues, including nuclear, chemical and biological weapons, non-proliferation, missile defense, weapons trade, environmental and energy security, and peacekeeping, that support the goals of their host organization, and may attend coalition meetings, policy briefings and Congressional hearings.

    Fellows are supervised by senior level staff and often have the opportunity to publish articles, blogs, or reports. The program also arranges meetings for the fellows with policy experts. Many former Scoville Fellows have gone on to pursue graduate degrees in international relations and taken prominent positions in the field of peace and security with public interest organizations, the Federal Government, academia and media.

    Candidates must have an excellent academic record and a strong interest in issues of peace and security. The program is open to all U.S. citizens and non-U.S. citizens living in the U.S. eligible for employment. Benefits include a $3,000 monthly salary, health insurance, board and alumni mentoring, travel to Washington, DC to begin the fellowship, and a small stipend to attend meetings or take a course.

    The Application Deadline for the Fall 2017 Deadline is January 6, 2017 while the Spring 2018 deadline is October 2, 2017.

    For further information, program description and application requirements, contact at: (202) 446-1565, or 

  • 4th Row Films Internship Opportunity

    posted 11/4: 4th Row Films in New York City is looking for a Miami student interested in United States government to join their research team in the Spring Semester to help produce a documentary film.

    If interested in applying, please contact Executive Producer (and Miami alum) Douglas Tirola at and/or Manager of Hiring Operations Susan Bedusa at 

    For more information about 4th Row Films, check out their website by clicking the link.

  • Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley is Looking for Interns!

    Posted 10/13: Mayor John Cranley is currently looking for interns for the Spring semester to work in his office.

    This internship includes accepts all majors and involves

    • A great opportunity to learn about the functions and potential of city government
    • Working with staff members who are directly involved with the daily functions of the Mayor's Office
    • Conducting policy research
    • Aiding with local initiatives of the office
    • Gaining experience writing press releases, speeches and formal letters
    • Responding to community issues and concerns
    • Receiving class credit

    If interested, please send a resume and writing sample to

  • International Affairs Spring+Summer Internship in DC

    Posted 10/12: Spend your spring or summer in Washington, DC and prepare for your future! The International Affairs Internship programs allow students to:

    Live blocks from the national monuments, State Department and White House on the campus of George Washington University. Semester students live in the Capitol Hill neighborhood close to the Library of Congress and Supreme Court. The program does provide fully furnished housing and roommate matching. 

    Earn course credit during your internship! Students will earn 3 to 9 academic credits in the summer or 12 credits in the spring. Their unique curriculum is designed to complement your DC experience with upper level foreign policy, government and economics courses. Academic course credit is provided through George Mason University and taught by top rated faculty from GMU and other top local universities. 

    Based on students' interests and skills, students will be placed in an internship in the Washington, DC area. They have been creating academic internship experiences for over 45 years and work with over 300 top organizations in DC. Internship placements include:

    • Embassies
    • International Non-governmental organizations
    • Federal agencies
    • Congressional offices
    • Think tanks

    Their comprehensive program is designed so you can make valuable professional connections and practice your networking skills in a real-world setting. They offer a number of networking opportunities to enhance your internship experience and maximize your time in DC:

    • Mentor Program
    • Professional Development Seminars
    • Roundtable Discussions and Networking Receptions
    • Site Briefings at Key Washington Institutions including the State Department, US Institute of Peace and World Bank

    The Spring Program runs from January 17-May 5, 2017 with the final application deadline being November 10, 2017

    The Summer Program runs from June 3-July 28, 2017 with the early application deadline being December 6, 2016 

    If there are any questions, please direct them to or call 202-986-0384.

  • Jobs that make an Impact

    POSTED 8/30: Application deadline is September 25. Impact runs action campaigns on issues that matter, like global warming, clean water and big money’s influence over our democracy, and they're hiring! This isn’t a study program or a travel program; it’s an action program. Impact's mission is to create the grassroots action, energy and power it takes to make an impact on important issues. If you’re serious about making an impact on these issues and you’re willing to get out and work in the real world, where issue campaigns like these are won and lost, then Impact is the group for you. To learn more, visit our website at, or email Impact's Recruitment Director, Katie Otterbeck, at

  • Orr Fellowship Post-Graduate Opportunity

    Posted 8/29: On September 6-7, Allison Rosebrough, a 2016 Miami graduate and fellow at the Orr Fellowship, will be visiting Miami University to speak to students about the possibility of joining the Orr Fellowship.

    The Orr Fellowship is a two-year post-graduate fellowship that connects talented young individuals with start-ups and high growth companies. The Orr Fellowship is open to all majors and is looking for students who are interested.

    Application Requirements are as follows:

    • Cumulative 3.5 GPA or higher (students with as low as a 3.2 GPA and extensive leadership experience may be considered)
    • Strong interest in entrepreneurial business and/or organizational leadership
    • Demonstrated leadership potential (leaders in on and off-campus organizations/athletics)
    • An expected graduation date of December 2016 or May 2017 with one or more undergraduate major 

    If interested in applying, please visit the Orr Fellowship's website at

  • Sen. Sherrod Brown Internships

    POSTED 8/1: The Cincinnati office of U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown is seeking interns for the fall of 2016 Semester. Interns in Senator Brown’s Office work on a wide range of projects with staff.  Our internships are designed primarily for the educational benefit of students currently enrolled in college and are unpaid. Interns will have the opportunity to participate in all aspects of the office administration, activities, working with constituents, developing special programs, writing briefings, and attending community events.  As an intern, you will: Gain insight into the workings of a Senate office and the federal government Speak with constituent on the phone, or at special events Open and distribute constituent mail, review incoming correspondence Assist the staff with casework requests Improve your writing skills and customer service skills Research legislative issues, monitor Senate committees Complete projects and briefing requests as assigned Hours and duration of the internships are negotiable. To apply, please contact For additional information, please call Senator Brown’s office at 513-684-1021.

  • OH Democratic Caucus

    POSTED 8/1: The Ohio House Democratic Caucus (OHDC) is currently seeking motivated, politically-minded individuals to join the OHDC Internship Program for the 2016 election cycle from when they return to school in August until November 15th.

    Ohio House Democratic Caucus interns are expected to have the following qualities:
    • Interest in politics, government, campaigns and/or public affairs
    • Ability to multitask and adapt to a fast-paced environment
    • Strong verbal and written communication skills
    • Strong planning and organizational skills; ability to multitask and manage time effectively
    • Strong attention to detail

    Ohio House Democratic Caucus interns are expected to perform the following tasks:
    • Work with the caucus on upkeep and maintenance of donor database
    • Donor research
    • Produce weekly news clips of House candidates and opponents
    • Analysis of campaign data
    • Direct voter contact by phone and/or door
    • Other duties as needed

    Ohio House Democratic Caucus interns are expected to gain the following skills:
    • Wide ranging knowledge of campaign strategy and targeting
    • Research and tracking techniques
    • Data tracking and upkeep
    • Familiarity with NGP VAN and VoteBuilder software

    Interested applicants should submit a resume to Alyssa Wischmann at

  • Digital Internship

    POSTED 7/6/16: Digital Internship Opportunity with the Federal Government

    The Virtual Student Foreign Service (VSFS) is the largest virtual internship program in the world! This year there are more than 900 vacancies with more than 30 federal agencies. VSFS offers unique mentoring and recruitment possibilities.

    Applications for the 2016-17 VSFS program are open between July 2 and 22 on Real work is waiting for students with more than 30 federal agencies including NASA, the Smithsonian, the State Department, National Parks Service, and others. You can see the projects offered at! To apply, students must log on to USAJOBS, create an account, build a resume, and upload a transcript.

    eInterns play an important role in moving the government forward. There’s something for everyone: design, research, mapping, videography, history, analysis, writing, calculation, policy planning, app development , and more!

    eInterns spend ten hours a week from September through May. Although this is unpaid, volunteer work, eInterns make connections that make a difference, gain valuable experience, and sometimes get course credit. All applicants must be U.S. citizens enrolled in at least one university level course in the U.S. or abroad.

  • Environment America 2016 Fellowship Program

    ONGOING: Environment America seeks talented candidates for their fellowship program and digital campaign team. These are entry level positions that start in August of 2016. Positions are available in Washington, D.C.; Boston, MA; Denver, CO; Philadelphia, PA; Portland, OR; and Raleigh, NC. For more information and to apply go to

  • Republican Leadership Initiative opportunity

     Posted 1/5/16

    Republican Leadership Initiative

  • Internships in Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley's office

    ONGOING: Mayor John Cranley's office is now accepting applications for spring, summer, and fall internships. If interested, send your resume and writing sample to


  • Rep. Wenstrup Internships

    ONGOING:  Rep. Wenstrup’s is looking for spring interns in his Cincinnati office. 

    Spring Session – Preference will extended to those who submit applications by November 15th
    Summer Session – Preference will extended to those who submit applications by April 15th
    Fall Session – Preference will extended to those who submit applications by July 15th

    Visit his Internship Application website to apply.

  • Paid Research Apprenticeships

    ONGOING: You are invited to participate in the Humanities Center’s new Research Apprenticeship Program. You can now apply to work as a paid Research Apprenticeship on a real research project conducted by a member of the humanities faculty at Miami University. The goal of this program is to foster faculty-student collaborations that give students valuable experience assisting on a real research projects. Please go to Research Apprenticeship Opportunities to see a list of current openings and instructions on how to apply. There are currently openings on a number of exciting projects. You can read more about the Research Apprenticeships Program and other undergraduate research opportunities by going to the Humanities Center website and highlighting the UNDERGRADUATE menu item. Tim Melley, Professor of English and Director of the Miami University Humanities Center
  • Center for American Progress-Communications Internship

    ONGOING: American Progress’s Communications team works to pursue progressive change by connecting American Progress’s experts, ideas, events, and publications with the media and the public. The team works to develop and execute comprehensive and innovative communications strategies to get American Progress’s policy priorities the attention they deserve.

    Visit the website for more information.

  • The Borgen Project

    ONGOING: The Borgen Project, a national campaign focused on alleviating poverty in developing nations. Through securing support from congressional leaders, we hope to pass bills and mobilize citizens to become more knowledgeable and active on development and foreign aid policies. We've got internship and volunteer opportunities opening in our Seattle office and nationwide.

    Seattle Internships

    Telecommute Internships

    Volunteer Opportunities

  • Cornerstone

    ONGOING: The Cornerstone Government Affairs intern program provides a unique opportunity for selected candidates to gain irreplaceable experience at the heart of Capitol Hill. Our intern program offers first-hand exposure to the people and processes of Congress and Washington, DC. Interested candidates should apply directly to Cornerstone’s Intern Coordinator, Madeleine Cantrel at An application includes a cover letter and resume.

    The email’s subject line should read: Full Name – Internship Application

    Download with more info and deadlines. (PDF 53KB)

  • Ohio Republicans

    Ohio Republican Party Internships  

    more information


  • Hillbilly Elegy Book Club

    posted 2/23: see below for more information...

    Hillbilly Elegy

  • Art Museum WWI Exhibition and Upcoming Events

    posted 2/15:

    Ongoing Exhibition: 

    Over Here! Over Here! U.S. Propaganda and the Arts of WWI
    January 24–May 13, 2017
    McKie & Farmer Galleries
    This Centennial Commemoration (1917-1918) documents the propaganda techniques utilized by federal, state and local governments to draw every citizen into the European conflict. The dissemination of information on the staging and progress of the war was vital. Propaganda in the form of newspapers, pamphlets, public addresses, newsreels, posters, artwork, and music contributed to the public’s understanding of their involvement in the war on a collective and personal level. The exhibit will feature displays of original propaganda posters, including J.M. Flagg’s iconic I Want You for U.S. Army (Uncle Sam), original songs and song sheets illustrated by the likes of Norman Rockwell. Particular attention is given to local war efforts, allowing the viewer to be immersed in the milieu of the Miami/Oxford community at the time.

    First Event: 
    Advance/Retreat: Prints and the Great War
    Art History Capstone Gallery Talk
    Wednesday, February 15, 6:00 pm Reception / 7:00 pm Gallery Talk
    Advance/Retreat: Prints and the Great War
    Art History Capstone 
    What is it like to create a museum exhibit? Hear seven senior art history majors discuss favorite prints and experiences from their capstone exhibition, Advance/Retreat: Prints and the Great War. Student-curators will also lead a discussion about how the exhibition's theme relates to our contemporary political moment.

    Second Event:
    Silent Film: The Lost Battalion (1919), 66 minutes
    Thursday, February 16, 7:00 pm
    A battalion of the U.S. Army's 77th Division penetrates deep into the Argonne Forest of France during the First World War. The battalion becomes surrounded and holds out for six long days, awaiting reinforcement and rescue. Written by Jim Beaver

    Third Event:
    Film: The Lost Battalion (2001), 100 minutes
    Saturday, February 18, 2:00 pm
    In 1918 in World War I, in the Meuse-Argonne Sector in France, the former New York lawyer and Major Charles White Whittlesey is assigned by Gen. Robert Alexander to a massive suicidal attack against the German forces in the Argonne Forest with his five-hundred-man battalion. However, the forces supposed to be giving support through the flanks retreat and the communications with the headquarter of the 77th American Division are cut. Major Wittlesey holds his position with his men, mostly Irish, Polish, Italian and Jewish immigrants from New York, surrounded by the German army. Without food, water, ammunition and medical supplies, only two hundred men survive after five days of siege. Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • The MU Women's Center is Seeking Submissions For The Femellectual

    posted 2/3: The Miami University Women's Center's intern team is puts out a publication called The Femellectual, which seeks to create a platform for expression around issues that may not get attention. The end result is a zine, published in the spring, filled with art and words sent in by Miami students that explore social justice issues. 

    Their 2017 publication cycle, CLARITY., is seeking submissions of all 2D printable mediums that make demands, craft a declaration, paint a vision, or plot a strategy for action. They challenge students to "find your CLARITY." 

    If interested in submitting a piece, send your work to by March 1st.

    For any questions or more information, please visit their Facebook page (The Femellectual) or their Wordpress blog.

  • CAS Dean's Scholar Program 2017-2018

    posted 1/26: Applications for the CAS Dean's Scholar Program for the 2017-2018 Academic Year are now available for completion. Please read below for information, and click this link to begin the application.

    The Purpose of the Dean's Scholar Program is proposed in order to encourage scholarly activity among our best students. Approximately 30 seniors (selected in April of junior year) throughout the College of Arts and Science will be selected as a Dean's Scholar. Selected scholars must have conceived and proposed a project that is endorsed by the Faculty Mentor.

    During the senior year, Dean’s Scholars will conduct independent study with a Faculty Mentor. Departments are strongly encouraged to link their program to Departmental Honors. Students will conduct the study under the individual department’s Independent Study or Departmental Honors course numbers.

    • The Dean’s Scholar will receive a $750 professional expense stipend to conduct an independent study, in addition to academic credit.
    • The Faculty Mentor will receive $750 in professional expenses for being a mentor.

    Please note that these funds are intended to be used for expenses related to the research and/or presentation of the work. It is not a scholarship for tuition or a cash award. It may not be used for entertainment. Note that if a faculty member sponsors more than one student, they will still only receive $750.

    Early in the fall $750 will be transferred to a departmental/program account for each mentor. Student funds of $750 each will be held in the Dean’s office.

    The senior project should produce a significant scholarly outcome which results in publication/performance/dissemination of the research. If the student does not present his/her work at a professional conference, he/she must present it at Miami’s Undergraduate Student Research Conference held each year in April.

    By April 3, 2017, Departments and programs will have ranked all Dean’s Scholar nominations they have received, using their own criteria, and forwarded the completed forms to the Dean’s Office. The number of scholars allocated to each unit will be decided based on the quality of the applications received. The departments and programs will be notified as to how many of their students are selected. Letters announcing their selection will be sent to each student chosen, with a copy to the mentor and chair/director.

  • Join the Ethics Bowl Team!

    Like debating important social, ethical, and global issues? Join Miami’s Ethics Bowl Team! 

    The Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl is a national organization that provides students an opportunity to compete in a debate style tournament focused on ethical issues. Students are judged on their understanding of facts, articulation of ethical content, argument presentation, and responses to opposition. Topics span all sorts of disciplines including science, medicine, sustainability, business, and more. So they desire a diversity of majors. It's a great way to learn about new topics and to gain critical thinking as well as speaking skills. Many former Ethics Bowl participants believe that Ethics Bowl preparation and competition helped them develop important skills that they continue to use in their jobs today. 

    For more information about Ethics Bowls and how they work, click this link. Currently, the team meets each Tuesday from 8 pm- 9 pm in the lobby of Benton Hall. Because the Ethics Bowl Team has official University sponsorship we will be able to compete against other universities and colleges. If you have any questions or an interest in joining, feel free to contact Matthew Marino by email at