Social program 2017 Social doctoral program (faculty and students) 2017
Social program 2015 Social doctoral program (faculty and students) 2015
Miami at Duck 2015 Miami faculty and graduates at Duck Social Cognition Conference, Outer Banks, NC, 2015
Grad students at MPA Graduate students at Midwestern Psychological Association, Chicago, IL, 2016
Grad students at MPA Graduate students at Midwestern Psychological Association, Chicago, IL, 2016
Grad students presenting research Graduate students present research at Midwestern Psychological Association, Chicago, IL, 2016

Social Speakers Series

Social Speakers

Throughout the year, the Social Area has weekly brown bag research presentations at its SPRIG (Social Psychology Research Interest Group) meetings, which take place every Friday afternoon. In addition, each year we bring in several prominent off-campus speakers to present their research at SPRIG and also at departmental colloquia. In recent years, these speakers have included people such as Kathleen Vohs, John Cacioppo, Claude Steele, Russ Fazio, Rich Petty, Tanya Chartrand, Keith Maddox, Mary Murphy, and others.

Spring 2018

Feb 9 | Jason Deska | Perceiving Pain: How Others’ Faces, SES, and Race Influence Pain Judgments

Feb 16 | Christina Brown, Arcadia Univ. | Genius vs. Hard Work: Perceptions of Success Attributed to Natural Talent or Striving

Feb 23 | Ryan Moreno | TBD

Mar 1-3 | SPSP Conference, Atlanta, GA

Mar 9 | Steven Almaraz | They’re All the Same to Me: Homogeneity Predicts the Denial of Mind

Mar 16 | Tessa Benson-Greenwald | TBD

Mar 23 | No SPRIG | Spring Break

Mar 30 | Jenn Richeson, Yale Univ. | TBD

Apr 6 | J.P. Gonzales | Confronting Our Past: Internal/External Motives to Respond Without Prejudice Moderate the Effect of Ingroup-perpetrated Injustice Cues on Collective Action Intention, via Moral Emotions

Apr 12-14 | No SPRIG | MPA Conference, Chicago, IL

Apr 20 | Brandon Humphrey | TBD

Apr 27 | Alejandro Trujillo | TBD

May 4 | First Year Presentations | Woojong Kim, Brielle Johnson, Tyler Jacobs

May 11 | First Year Presentations | Mansi Joshi, Mattea Sim

Fall 2017

Sep 8 | Communal goals discussion (group photo too)

Sep 15 | Christina Fitzpatrick | Social class cultures: Definitions and Perceptions of expressive independence and hard interdependence

Sep 22 | Melissa Fuesting | Growing STEM: Growth-Oriented Contexts Promote Communal Affordances in STEM

Sep 29 | No SPRIG

Oct 6 | Matt McMurray | Environmental and social modulation of impulsivity and drug intake

Oct 13 | No SPRIG | SESP Conference, Boston, MA

Oct 20 | April Smith | Reconnecting: Can getting in touch with your body reduce suicidality?

Oct 27 | Paige Lloyd | Group Membership Sensitizes and Biases Person Perception

Nov 3 | Angie Maitner, American Univ. of Sharjah | Honor as a culture and value: Implications for the regulation of social behavior

Nov 10 | Allen McConnell | Self-nature representations: Implications for pro-environmental beliefs and action

Nov 17 | Neil Brigden | Multitasking Among Online Study Participants: Measurement, Impact, and Solutions

Nov 24 | No SPRIG | Thanksgiving Break

Dec 1 | Paige Lloyd | Insights from the academic job market

Dec 8 | Chris Loersch, Univ. of Colorado | Understanding the emotional response to music: Music as an evolved group process