Social Speakers Series

Social Psychology Graduate Students

Social Speakers

Throughout the year, the Social Area has weekly brown bag research presentations at its SPRIG (Social Psychology Research Interest Group) meetings, which take place every Friday afternoon. In addition, each year we bring in several prominent off-campus speakers to present their research at SPRIG and also at departmental colloquia. In recent years, these speakers have included people such as Kathleen Vohs, John Cacioppo, Claude Steele, Russ Fazio, Rich Petty, Tanya Chartrand, Keith Maddox, Mary Murphy, Jenn Richeson, and others.

Fall 2018

Sep 7 | Paige Lloyd, Univ. of Denver | The Academic Job Market

Sept 14 | Ryan Moreno | Internship Experience at AirBNB

Sept 21 | Melissa Fuesting | Communal Goal Congruity and Interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

Sept 28 | Jessie Wang, Farmer School of Business | The Impact of Power Distance Belief on Consumers’ Brand Preferences: Evidence from Secondary Dataset, Field Study, and Lab Experiments

Oct 5 | No SPRIG: SESP Conference, Seattle WA

Oct 12 | No SPRIG: Midterm Break

Oct 19 | Eric Russell, Facebook | Nonacademic Jobs and Market

Oct 26 | Allen McConnell | Self-Nature Representations and their Consequences for Emotions and Pro-Environmental Behavior*

Nov 2 | OEEO and the forthcoming social positions search

Nov 9 | No SPRIG: Social candidate interviewing

Nov 16 |No SPRIG: Social candidate interviewing

Nov 23 | No SPRIG: Thanksgiving Holiday

Nov 30 | No SPRIG: Social candidate interviewing

Dec 7 |No SPRIG: Social candidate interviewing


Spring 2019 

Feb 1 | Amy Summerville | R workshop

Feb 8 | No SPRIG: SPSP Conference, Portland OR

Feb 15 | Chris Chartier, Ashland Univ. | The Psychological Science Accelerator 

Feb 22 | Christina Fitzpatrick | Job material workshop

Mar 1 | Social Faculty | Academic Job Searches in Social Psychology

Mar 8 | Lauren Forrest | Network analysis and its applications to social psychology

Mar 8 | Dorian Dodd | Perfectionism and cognitive-bias modification

Mar 15  | Tyler Jacobs | Positive Emotions and Mimicry

Mar 22 | Woo Kim | TBD

Mar 29 | No SPRIG: Spring Break

Apr 5 | Alejandro Trujillo | Exclusion, body satisfaction, and eating intentions

Apr 5 | Brandon Humphrey | Theory of pets' minds and self-natuer connectedness

Apr 12 | No SPRIG: MPA Conference, Chicago, IL

Apr 19 | Brielle Johnson | Mortality salience and counterfactual thinking

Apr 26 | Erin O'Mara, Univ. of Dayton | Cultural universality of self-enhancement

May 3 | Diversifying Psychology Data Blitz

May 10 | Brett DeWitt  and JJ Togans | First-Year Presentations