Psychology Major

Why Psychology?

Psychology is a versatile major. Our discipline encompasses all of the many different factors that affect human thoughts, feelings, behavior and development. We study changes in the brain, how families affect children, how people form impressions of other people, how people make decisions, how communities and cultures affect people’s lives. The breadth of coverage in our discipline provides you with the background to face many different challenges in the world today that require an understanding of human behavior. It also gives you a perspective on why you are who you are, and helps you discover who you want to become.

What Can I do with a Career in Psychology?

Majoring in psychology will help you gain skills that will be useful to you no matter what career you pursue. Employers want people who have: written communication skills, problem-solving skills, analytic/quantitative skills, leadership and mentoring skills, and teamwork skills. A major in psychology will help you develop these skillsets, which you can take anywhere.

Interesting in Declaring a Psychology Major?

Current Miami students interested in changing their major to Psychology must complete the online new majors advising session.

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