Emily Kuhn (Class of 2009)

  • photo of Emily KuhnSenior Account Executive, Stratacomm - A Fleishman-Hillard Company, Washington, DC
  • Strategic Communication major
  • Political Science minor

"As an undergraduate at Miami, I thoroughly enjoyed all my strategic communication and political science courses and benefit from the lessons learned in them every day. Building on the application of math and economics, the problem solving and strategic analysis skills developed through other classes certainly lend to my ability to successfully work with budgets, media buys, and overall business strategy.

"As much as it would pain the undergraduate version of myself to hear, the courses I took as part of the Miami Plan have also served me well. There are several classes I would have never taken without the requirement that I can now clearly map to acquired skills with practical applications in my career.

"Specifically, I remember a botany course I took my sophomore year called Evolution: The Great Debate. Regardless of personal views, we learned to understand and advocate for each one of the opinions surrounding the debate. In doing so, we grew our ability to analyze an issue and take multiple points of view into account to then clearly communicate complex and technical thought—all of which are invaluable skills in the business world."

[March 2012]