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Today, computers are in everything, everywhere. This fact is making computer scientists and software engineers indispensable because they are the ones leading the way in developing the next generation systems of mobile apps, virtual reality software, and computational biological analysis. They seek to understand society’s needs, and once they do, they create software systems that make a difference for society. As more of the world runs on software the need for these people will only continue to grow.

Student Spotlight

Jon Puz solves healthcare challenges with entrepreneurship

You have three companies: One provides diagnostic technologies for communities in the developing world, one utilizes big data to improve hospital efficiency and improve customer experience, and one helps increase medication adherence among patients.

What do these companies have in common?

Two things. One, they all help improve healthcare. Two, they were all built, in part, by Jon Puz.

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Winners of the Senior Design Expo

  • MME: “Size Optimization of EpiPen” by Andrew Garcia, Morgan Humphreys, Joshua Peak, Gretchen Thomas
  • CPB: “Building Enclosure and Control System for Artificial Respiratory Device Setup” by Alex Demers, Jiafeng Wang, and Ethan Wolf
  • CSE: “Accessibility Map Application” by Emily Richmond, Natalia Jardack, Allison Cline, and Ryan Potts
  • ECE: “Security and Spoofing in Data Transmission” by Amanda Ryerse, Adam Stroh, and Scott Lee
  • MUCAT Design Competition: “Visually Impaired Mobility System” by Shifan “Oliver” Luo, Nicole Sherman, Carlos Garcia-Fuentes, and Rachel Kevdzija
  • ECSC Choice: “Orange Peel-Based Adsorbents for the Removal of Heavy Metals from Water” by Alyssa Visalli, Rachel Anderson, Griffin Turnbull, and Itoro Akpakpan

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Eight women in computing go to TRIWiC

Seven Miami students were sponsored to attend TRIWiC—The Tri-State Women in Computing Conference, a bi-annual celebration of women in computing, this past weekend.

With them was Karen Davis, associate professor in the department of computer science and software engineering. They joined 210 others from 19 schools and 24 organizations from Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.

“It was really affirming to be in a room with so many other women interested in computing,” Davis said.

The students, who were invited to attend through their membership in ACM-W (the club for women computer scientists at Miami), enjoyed technical talks, workshops, industry and grad school panels, and a job fair.

There were also some high-profile guest speakers, including:

  • Liza Mundy, the New York Times bestselling author of Code Girls: The Untold Story of the American Women Code Breakers of World War II
  • Wendy Lea, CEO of Cintrifuse, a public private partnership to develop Cincinnati’s startup community

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