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Students Visit Symmes Elementary
christian-carter-robot.jpgA trio of Electrical and Computer Engineering students visited Symmes Elementary to teach them about robots.
Engineering outreach program is music to the ears of teens
ECE.gifTalawanda High School students combined music and engineering after they built their own speaker drivers with the help of Miami University students.
Annual CSE/ECE Alumni Spring Conference a Great Success!
CSE ECE.JPGThe Computer Science & Software Engineering (CSE) and Electrical Engineering & Computer Engineering (ECE) departments partnered for their annual spring alumni conference on Friday, April 15th.
2016 Arthur Olson Teaching Excellence Award
dmitriy-garmatyuk.jpgWe proudly recognize Dmitriy Garmatyuk as this year's recipient of the Arthur Olson Teaching Excellence Award
How to Stop Power Thieves
tyler-maschino.jpgTyler Maschino describes his research on wireless energy transfer encryption.
ECE 102 March Madness Sumo Robot Tournament
Bots.jpgFour teams each built a robot to compete in the March 2016 Sumo Robot Tournament.
CSE/ECE Alumni Conference
cse-ece-alumni-2010.jpgJoin the CSE and ECE Departments for the Annual Alumni Conference
ECE Department Launches New Stem Outreach Program
ece-stem.jpgThe College of Engineering and Computing’s Electrical and Computer Engineering Department has just announced the plans for its new STEM outreach program that focuses on engaging K - 12 students in engineering with Miami University faculty and student led programs. This project is led by Professors Dr. Mark Scott and Dr. Yamuna Rajasekhar with the assistance of undergraduate student, Matt Boubin. The team has developed the program with inspiration from a similar outreach program at Ohio State University that was created and is directed by Dr. Betty Lise Anderson.
Studying at the Arecibo Observatory
intro-puerto-ricoElectrical and computer engineering students participating in the Puerto Rico study abroad will complete part of their program at the Arecibo Observatory.