Yue Li

Yue Li

Senior Research Associate and Project Team Leader

Office: 408 McGuffey Hall

Degrees: Ph.D. Candidate — Educational Leadership, Miami University
M.Ed. — Educational Psychology, Miami University
M.S. — Statistics, Michigan State University

Curriculum Vitae

Yue’s Bio

Yue joined the Discovery Center (formerly Ohio’s E & A Center) in 2006. She has worked on more than 40 state- and federally-funded education programs and projects across the nation, utilizing her expertise in developing evaluation instruments, managing large databases, conducting sophisticated statistical analyses, and writing research and evaluation reports. She has extensive experience applying quantitative research methods and techniques to large-scale education data sets using standard statistical software (SAS, SPSS, and R) as well as other database management systems. Yue received her M.S in Statistics in 2004 from Michigan State University and her M.Ed. in Educational Psychology in 2006 from Miami University. She is currently working on her Ph.D. in Educational Leadership at Miami. Her primary research interests include women and underrepresented minority participation in STEM education and careers, inquiry-based science education in formal and informal settings, and translating teacher professional development into classrooms. Besides English, Yue also speaks multiple Asian languages, which allows her to explore differences and similarities across cultures and understand diversity and equity issues within which these languages are embedded.

Yue’s Professional Success Formula

20% Critical Thinking (always ask questions), 20% Lifelong Learning (and then seek answers), 20% Proactive Mindset (to motivate self and others), 20% Communication (listen carefully and speak the language of the audience), and 21% Persistence (act to make meaningful contributions).

Yue’s Work Commitments

Advocacy for the right to education for every individual; Collaboration that appreciates individual and collective contributions; and Strategic Innovation that benefits both providers and clients alike.