Kevin Ballard

Kevin Ballard

Assistant Professor

Area: Exercise Science
Office: 27 Phillips Hall

Degrees: Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Connecticut, Nutritional Sciences
Ph.D., University of Connecticut, Kinesiology
M.S., University of Louisville, Exercise Physiology
B.S., University of Louisville, Health and Human Performance

Curriculum Vitae

Scholarly Interests:
Dr. Ballard’s research interests include investigating the impact of exercise and/or dietary strategies on vascular function, oxidative stress, and cardiometabolic risk in healthy and clinical populations.

Courses Taught:
KNH 453/553: Physiology of Endurance and Resistance Training
KNH 468/568: Physiology and Biophysics of Human Activity

Recent Publications:
Ballard, K.D., Gregory, S.M., Taylor, B.A., Thompson, P.D. Short-Term Cessation of Statin Therapy Does Not Alter Aerobic Exercise Performance in Physically Active Older Adults. The Physician and Sportsmedicine. 2016;44(1):63-7.

Ballard, K.D. and Bruno R.S. Protective Role of Dairy and its Constituents on Vascular Function Independent of Blood Pressure-Lowering Activities. Nutrition Reviews. 2015;73(1):36-50.

Zaleski, A.L., Ballard, K.D., Panza, G.P., Kupchak, B.R., Dada, M.R., Roman W., Thompson, P.D., Taylor, B.A. The Effect of Compression Socks on Deep Vein Thrombosis Risk in Marathon Runners. The Physician and Sportsmedicine. 2015;43(4):336-41.

Sanders, K., Maresh, C.M., Ballard, K.D., Creighton, B.C., Pryor, J.L., Kraemer, W.J., Volek, J.S., Anderson, J.M. Habitual Exercise May Maintain Endothelium-Dependent Dilation in Overweight Postmenopausal Women. Journal of Aging and Physical Activity. 2015;23(1):40-46.

Mah, E., Pei, R., Guo, Y., Masterjohn, C.M., Ballard, K.D., Parker, B.A., Taylor, A.W., Traber, M.G., Volek, J.S., Bruno, R.S. Greater γ-tocopherol Status During Acute Smoking Abstinence with Nicotine Replacement Therapy Improved Vascular Endothelial Function by Decreasing 8-iso-15(S)-prostaglandin F2α. Experimental Biology and Medicine. 2015:240(4):527-533.

Taylor, B.A., Zaleski, A.L., Capizzi, J.A., Ballard, K.D., Troyanos, C., Baggish, A.L., D’Hemecourt, P.A., Dada, M., Thompson, P.D. Influence of Chronic Exercise on Carotid Atherosclerosis in Marathon Runners. BMJ Open. 2014;4(2):e004498.

Ballard, K.D., Quann, E.E., Kupchak, B.R., Volk, B.M., Kawiecki, D.M., Fernandez, M.L., Seip, R.L., Kraemer, W.J., Maresh, C.M., Volek, J.S. Dietary Carbohydrate Restriction Improves Blood Pressure, Microvascular Function, and Cellular Adhesion Molecules in Individuals Taking Statins. Nutrition Research. 2013;33(11):905-912.

Ballard, K.D., Mah, E., Guo, Y., Pei, R., Volek, J.S., Bruno, R.S. Low-Fat Milk Ingestion Prevents Postprandial Hyperglycemia-Mediated Impairments in Vascular Endothelial Dysfunction in Obese Individuals with Metabolic Syndrome. Journal of Nutrition. 2013;143(10):1602-1610.

Most Recent Grant:
Ballard, K.D. (2015). Prior Aerobic Exercise to Attenuate Vascular Dysfunction Induced by Prolonged Sitting in Healthy Men. College of Education, Health, & Society Research Seed Grant ($4,500).

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