Robin Vealey

Robin VealeyProfessor

Area: Sport Leadership and Management, Sport Psychology
Office: 202E Phillips Hall

Degree: Ph.D., University of Illinois
M.S., Indiana University
B.A., Marshall University

Curriculum Vitae

Scholarly Focus

A former collegiate basketball player and coach, Dr. Vealey has pursued the understanding and enhancement of the “achieving mentality in sport” in both athletes and coaches. She has developed lines of research in sport-confidence as well as competitive anxiety and burnout. She also has written extensively about mental skills training for personal development and performance enhancement in sport, as well as coaching effectiveness.


Vealey, R. S. & Chase, M. A. (2016). Best practice for youth sport. Champaign: IL, Human Kinetics.

Research Articles

Vealey, R.S., & Forlenza, S. (2015). Understanding and using imagery in sport. In J.M. Williams and V. Krane (Ed.), Applied sport psychology: Personal growth to peak performance (7th ed, pp. 240-273.). Boston: McGraw Hill.
Vealey, R.S. (2015). Mental game myths and tips for coaches and athletes. Strategies: A Journal for Physical and Sport Educators, 28, 28-35.
Vealey, R.S., & Perritt, N. (2015). Hardiness and optimism as predictors of frequency of flow in collegiate athletes. Journal of Sport Behavior, 38, 321-338.
Vealey, R.S., Low, W., Pierce, S., & Quinones-Paredes, D. (2015). Choking: ACT on it. Journal of Sport Psychology in Action, 5, 156-169.