Master of Arts in Social Work

What Our Alumni Say

Chelsey GatesThe Miami University graduate social work program gave me an opportunity to learn new skills to be a great social worker. I was able to be challenged by the curriculum and supported by awesome staff.

Chelsey Gates
-MASW Graduate 2017

The MASW program, for me, was where I truly feel like I started to "figure life out". The opportunity to not only complete an internship but also work with/shadow fellow social workers allowed me to choose my area of interest (and later get a job!). Coming from a psychology undergraduate degree, I wasn't sure what to expect out of the social work department and thought I would be extremely overwhelmed from the beginning. I had little to no idea what I wanted to pursue-- I just wanted to help people-- but as soon as I started my first course I knew I was where I belonged. The classes are interesting and challenging, with time allotted for students to adjust to the program before starting internships.  The professors were so helpful every step of the way, and even though it was difficult at times, the graduate program helped prepare me for the social work world.

Sarah Aurand
-MASW Graduate 2018

Elizabeth Burnett The Greater Miami Valley Joint MASW Program led me to my career in the field of medical social work. I did not initially see myself working in a hospital setting, but after my internship at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center (CCHMC) while I was completing the master's program, I discovered how much I loved being here! After my internship, graduation, and passing my licensure exam, I completed a clinical social work fellowship and the Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and related disabilities (LEND) program at CCHMC; I am now a clinical social worker in the Cancer and Blood Diseases Institute (CBDI) working with patients with Sickle Cell disease and their families. I would not be where I am today without the encouragement and support from the MASW program staff, my peers, my family, and friends; nor without the opportunities that the MASW program offered me.

Elizabeth Burnett
-MASW Graduate 2017

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Gates is a social worker and outpatient community mental health therapist for Butler Behavioral Health Services. And on this particular day, she had been working with a client who was once a healthy young adult . . . until a car accident caused a traumatic brain injury, vision loss, and impaired cognitive functioning...

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