Student Affairs in Higher Education SAHE

Welcome to Miami University's Student Affairs in Higher Education (SAHE) program. We invite you to explore this site to learn about our degree programs, students, faculty, and alumni.  Welcome to our community!

Program Description

The Learning Partnerships Model (LPM) is the foundation of the SAHE program. We challenge learners to engage in the complex process of knowledge construction, to integrate their personal and professional values and philosophies with existing knowledge, and to share authority and expertise to mutually construct viable perspectives.

The LPM creates a welcoming environment for students from all cultural backgrounds through the use of self-reflection and critical thinking.  The blend of challenge and support which undergirds the LPM fosters self-authorship (the internal capacity to identify one's beliefs, values, and identity) and the capacity for interdependence with diverse others, both vital capacities for successful student affairs professionals.

Program Options