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Careers for Graduate Students

These resources are intended to assist graduate students as they evaluate and pursue academic and non-academic career paths. 

  1. The first section concerns academic job searches and the unique issues of creating a CV and LinkedIn profile, preparing a dissertation abstract, research statement and teaching philosophy, accessing leading higher education job search sites and comparing salaries by institution. The resources also include links to comprehensive graduate student career sites maintained by leading research institutions, such as The Ohio State University and the University of Minnesota.
  2. The second section related to non-academic searches and presents a wide range of tools graduate students can use to develop a resume, LinkedIn profile and cover letter, search for jobs in multiple industries, prepare for interviews and negotiate salaries.

Academic Job Search

Resources from the Chronicle of Higher Education

Graduate Students
A collection of career-related articles and advice columns for graduate students on multiple topics, including dissertations, academic and non-academic job searches, financial planning, stress management and overall graduate school success.

The Vitae site offers membership in a growing community of academics; a free dossier service to manage job searches; the best connections for finding a job; and a place to spotlight academic work.

Resources from the National Association of Graduate and Professional Students

National Association of Graduate and Professional Students
A directory of links to resources sponsored by the association, including material relating to scholarships, grants and fellowships; graduate school life; CV and resume writing; thesis and dissertation assistance; and stress management. The association is a student-run national, non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life of graduate and professional students in public and private universities at local, state, regional and national levels in the U.S.

Resources from the National Postdoctoral Association

National Postdoctoral Association
A collection of career planning resources from the National  Postdoctoral Association, a leading educational non-profit organization that seeks sustainable change and improvement in the postdoctoral experience through collaboration with stakeholders.


Information regarding Cirriculum Vitae (CV) is available for review.


Academic Job Search Resources


The following reports provide faculty salary ranges at different types of institutions:

Dissertation Abstract and Research Statement

The dissertation abstract is a brief document of 1 – 2 pages that describes your research/scholarship in a way that is interesting and appealing to people who may not be specialists in your area. It answers the question “So what?” by explaining how your work fits into a broader context and contributes to your field.

Research statements may include a summary of your dissertation, but the focus is on your future plans. A research statement describes your plans for research beyond the dissertation over the next 3 – 5 years.

Best practice resources concerning research statements can be found at:

A teaching philosophy or teaching statement is a self-reflective statement of your beliefs about teaching and learning. It generally includes a discussion of your teaching practices, their relationship to an underlying philosophy and real world examples of  their application in a classroom setting. A teaching philosophy or teaching statement is typically 1 – 4 pages long.

A best practice resource in this area is:

Other Best Practice Sites

Non-Academic Job Search

This section offers a wide range of tools that you can use to develop a resume, LinkedIn profile and cover letter, search for jobs in multiple industries, prepare for interviews and negotiate salaries.

The information is drawn from links on the Center for Career Exploration & Success website that are relevant to both graduate and undergraduate students.

Planning and Research Resources

Job Search Resources

Resumes, Cover Letters, Networking and Interviewing

International Students