Student and employer speaking at Miami University

Career Fair FAQs

What goes on during a Career Fair and why should I attend?

Career Fair is held in September of every year at Millett Hall between 1 – 5:30 p.m. Employers who attend Career Fair are looking primarily for students who are graduating in December, May, or August, although there are employers who are looking for winter/summer interns. Spring Internship & Career Expo (Spring ICE) is held in February at Millett Hall from 1 –  5:30 p.m. 

This is a chance for all interested students to explore internships and/or full-time employment with regional and national employers. Both Career Fair and Spring ICE provide opportunities for you to meet with employer representatives from business and industry as well as selected governmental and public service agencies. Employer tables are placed throughout Millett Hall where you can visit with employer representatives about internships and/or full-time job opportunities and leave them a copy of your resume.

Most employers hold one-on-one conversations, while others prefer small group presentations. Employers use these events to help them select students to invite for interviews. You should use the Fairs to introduce yourself to employers as well as to ask questions and gain important information directly from them. Come to the Fairs and explore, especially if you are uncertain as to what you want to do. LinkedIn headshots are taken free of charge by a professional photographer.

How many employers attend?

Recent Fall Career Fairs have drawn over 290 employers and Spring ICE has drawn over 200 employers. Many will be well-known names, while others will be new to you. Take the time to research the employers. Don’t limit yourself; some of the best opportunities may exist with lesser-known organizations.

Which majors are the Fairs intended for?

While the Fairs are not designed for any one major or field, most of the employers attending are for-profit, corporate organizations. Many are looking for specific skill sets to fill a variety of positions — from accounting, finance and marketing to social media, graphic design, corporate communications, curriculum development, etc., and many majors can fill these vacancies. We have invited employers from across many different fields to participate in fairs. 

However, if employers can find enough high-quality candidates without participating in on-campus events, they will opt out of these events no matter how often we invite them. If you are unsure whether a fair is right for you, check and see who is coming to the fair. You may be surprised. Making just one good contact could lead to the important first job or internship!

Do I need a certain GPA?

No, but some employers will have minimum standards, which may include a GPA requirement when deciding whom to invite for interviews after a Fair. Don’t let a low GPA stop you from attending a fair. As a matter of fact, attending Career Fair and/or Spring ICE and making a positive impression could be the ticket to getting an interview regardless of your GPA.

How can I find out more about which employers are attending Career Fair and/or Spring ICE?

Several weeks prior to the date of each fair, the list of employers will be posted on our website. In addition, a printed list will be distributed one to two weeks prior to each fair at the “Training Sessions.” At these Training Sessions, we will discuss tips on how you can make the most of each fair.

Do I need to bring a resume?

Yes, you should bring a supply of resumes to distribute to employers in whom you are interested. Have your resume critiqued during resume drop-in hours. Cover letters are not necessary.

Should I attend if I am interested in non-profit organizations?

Yes. A select number of non-profit and governmental organizations will attend. Check which ones are coming before attending.

What should I wear?

Some employers will be dressed in “business casual” attire, but most will still be wearing suits. It is best to be conservative and wear professional business attire.

What should I do if I have a class scheduled the same time as Career Fair and/or Spring ICE?

Career Fair and Spring ICE are both held from 1 – 6 p.m. Try to work around your class schedule. If this is not possible, seek permission from your professor(s) in advance. We cannot grant permission or excuse an absence.

What should I do now to prepare for Career Fair?

  • Create or update your resume. Have your resume critiqued during resume drop-in hours.
  • Plan to attend one of the Resumes & Cover Letters programs (refer to the enclosed Programs calendar).
  • If you have not already done so, plan to attend one of the Basic Interviewing Skills programs (or Making Employer Contacts & Interviewing if you are an Education major). Refer to the Programs calendar.
  • Review Telling Your Story, a workbook designed to help you think critically about your skills and how you can tell your story to employers.
  • Review and update your Handshake profile, including an updated resume.
  • Plan to attend one of the Career Fair training programs listed in the enclosed Programs calendar.

What can the Center for Career Exploration & Success do for me if I am not interested in the employers participating in Career Fair and/or Spring ICE?

Do not be discouraged if you do not find the employers you are seeking at the Fairs. Attend our other workshops, “Finding Job 1: The Job and Internship Search” and “LinkedIn 101: Building Your LinkedIn Brand.” Make an appointment with a Career Advisor to help you plan your job or internship search. The Fairs are important events, but they are only one of our many services designed to help you locate a job or internship.

The Center for Career Exploration & Success has compiled links to help students find internships and jobs. These links are categorized by major and career-specific interest and include regional and international job sites.