Accepting, Declining and Negotiating Job Offers

Full-Time or Internship Offers: In order to give students enough time to make an informed and thoughtful decision, employers are strongly encouraged to provide students the following minimum deadlines to accept an employment offer:

  • Fall, Spring and Summer Semesters: 3 weeks minimum response time, from receipt of the written offer.

In some cases students may ask for extensions beyond these deadlines; we ask that employers accommodate these requests as possible. We suggest that all employers extend offers in writing, and strongly encourage all students to accept or decline in writing.

Exploding Offers

We do not allow the use of exploding offers. An “exploding offer” is one that requires a decision in conflict with the timing mentioned above or offers incentives to induce students to accept offers early, such as diminishing bonuses and location preferences.

Students with questions or concerns about an offer for full-time employment or an internship are encouraged to contact their Career Center Advisor.

The Farmer School of Business maintains a similar internship and job offer/acceptance policy. The Farmer policy also discusses penalties in the unlikely event that a business student reneges an internship or job offer.