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Force Add Procedures

Force Add Request Timeline

Summer and Winter Term  

Force add requests for Summer and Winter term courses should be made directly with the department offering the course.  

January Force Add Timeline for Spring 2019 Semester

  • January 18 at 5 pm: Website will open for submissions
  • January 25 at 5 pm: Force add requests are due
  • January 28 at 5 pm: Departments will post decisions
  • January 29 at 5 pm: Students must confirm seats offered to retain seats by this time

Requests, departmental decisions, and confirmations will all be online at www.fsb.miamioh.edu/forceadd.

Advice for a Successful Force Add

To maximize your potential for success, select multiple sections of a course, in order of preference, that fit with your schedule. Additionally, indicate that you will accept a seat in another section that fits with your current schedule. Failure to do so may preclude your force add request.

The departments do not use time of submission as a factor for determining force add placement. Submitting your request earlier will not influence your ability to be seated in courses.


All of the departments in the Farmer School of Business will be using the same timeline and website for force adding classes. Follow the Online Force Add Instructions below to submit your requests. NOTE: Summer and winter terms do not utilize the online force add request system. Requests are handled individually for these terms. See the department office for more information.

Before You Begin

Open Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. Other browsers will not display the pages properly.

Go to www.fsb.miamioh.edu/forceadd. This website should be used for force add requests in ALL BUSINESS DEPARTMENTS

Turn OFF your pop-up blockers for this site. This site uses “browser popups.” When asked, please allow popups for this site.

Do not use page back arrow or page forward arrow. The site will stay on the same page. Click on the menu items on the left.

Three Steps to Force Adding
  1. Click Get DAR on the left hand side. You will see a summary of your DAR for your review.
      • You may now select Requests on the left.
      • If the DAR summary is not correct, contact Student Services, 1022 FSB, 513-529-1712.
      • If you make any changes to your schedule, your DAR will also change. You can delete DAR (up to 5 times) and re-verify your DAR. 
  2. Requests (select courses you wish to force-add)
      • Next click "Requests" on the left-hand side to select the classes you want to force add. You will not be able to select courses without first allowing browser pop-ups. You can request courses in up to 4 departments at this time.
      • Answer the questions below the courses you selected and press "Submit".
      • If you would like to share any additional information regarding your request, please enter those comments in the box following: Please describe any clarifications, special considerations, or additional information you feel the department should know.
  3. Confirm (accept seats offered)
      • You do not confirm until the departments post decisions. If you select confirm before the departments have posted decisions, you will receive an error message.
      • Decisions will be available via the Force Add website (www.fsb.miamioh.edu/forceadd). Click "Confirm" on the left-hand side to see the decisions and place a check mark next to the classes you want to accept. To retain seats, students must confirm the seat offered by the deadline.
      • The departments manually add students to courses within 7 days after the confirmation deadline. If you have questions about your force add, you should follow up with the department offering the course.

Departmental Notes

All force add decisions are made by the departments via the force add process; individual faculty do not make force add decisions.

  • Accountancy: Students should not submit force add requests for section changes. 
  • Economics: Force adds will not be considered for any course in which there is an open section in that course that is compatible with the student's schedule, unless there are verifiable extenuating circumstances.  The Economics Department will not consider force-add requests for section changes.
  • Entrepreneurship: Students MUST attend the first day of class in any course for which they are submitting a force add request.
  • Finance & Business Legal Studies: Students should not submit force add requests for section changes. 
  • Information Systems & Analytics: Students should not submit force add requests for section changes.
  • Management: The Management Department does not process section changes; if you already have a section of a course, you can attempt to force add a different section, but you must drop the one you're in immediately after accepting a new section. If you do not drop the original section, you cannot be added to the new section.
  • Marketing: It is expected that requests from only the following students will be accommodated:
    • May 2019 degree candidates for whom a course is required;
    • Students needing courses for DECLARED minors or thematic sequences;
    • Other students for whom marketing courses are required for their declared programs;
    • Section changes are only approved for compelling course conflicts.
  • STA is NOT a business department.  Please stubmit STA 125 force add requests via the Banner Waitlist system.
  • STC is NOT a business department. Please submit STC 135 force add requests via the Registration Override Request (ROR) system. 
  • CSE is NOT a business department.  Please submit CSE 148 force add requests via the Registration Override Request (ROR) system.