Professor Mark Lacker with students

Recent Research

predominantly purple cover of the academy of management journal from 2012The Institute for Entrepreneurship is committed to producing high-quality research published in leading academic journals including Academy of Management Journal, Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice, Journal of Business Venturing, Journal of Management, Journal of Management Studies, Organizational Research Methods, Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, and Strategic Management Journal that advance all aspects of entrepreneurship.

Provided is a partial list of forthcoming and accepted publications produced by the Institute’s faculty over the last five years.


Academy of Management Journal
Kreiner, G., Sheep, M., Hollensbe, E., Smith, B. & Niyati, K. “Elasticity and the dialectic tensions of organizational identity: How can we hold together while we’re pulling apart?”

Journal of Business Ethics
Smith, B., Kistruck, G. & Cannatelli, B. “The impact of moral intensity and desire for control on scaling decisions in social entrepreneurship.” 

Journal of Business Venturing
Kistruck, G.; Webb, J.; Sutter, C.; Bailey, A. “The double-edged sword of legitimacy in Base-of-the-Pyramid markets.”

Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal
Sutter, C; Kistruck, G., & Morris, S. “Adaptations to knowledge templates in base-of-the-pyramid markets: the role of social interaction.”


Academy of Management Journal
Kistruck, G., Sutter, C., Lount, R. & Smith, B. “Mitigating principal-agent problems in Base-of-the-Pyramid markets: An identity spillover perspective.” 

Family Business Review
Knapp, J., Smith, B., Kreiner, G., Sundaramurthy, C. & Barton, S. “Managing boundaries through identity work: The role individual and organizational identity tactics.” 

Journal of Business Venturing
Sutter, C., Webb, J., Kistruck, G. & Bailey, A. “Entrepreneurs’ responses to semi-formal illegitimate institutional arrangements.

Journal of Management
Holmes, R. M., Bromiley, P., Devers, C. E., Holcomb, T. R., & McGuire, J. B. “Management theory applications of prospect theory: Accomplishments, challenges, and opportunities.”

Journal of Management Studies
Kistruck, G.; Beamish, P; Qureshi, I.; & Sutter, C. “Social Intermediation in Base of the Pyramid Markets.”


Journal of Public Policy & Marketing
Smith, B., Cronley, M. & Barr, T. “Funding implications of social enterprise: The role of mission consistency, entrepreneurial competence, and attitude toward social enterprise on donor behavior.”  


Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice
Kistruck, G.; Webb, J; Sutter, C.; & Ireland, D. “Microfranchising in Base-of-the-Pyramid Markets.”

Smith, B. “Social entrepreneurship: The micro-consignment model.”


Entrepreneurship & Regional Development
Smith, B. & Stevens, C. “Different types of social entrepreneurship: The role of geography and structural embeddedness on measurement and scaling of social value.

M.I.T. Innovations: Technology | Governance | Globalization
Smith, B. “Micro-consignment reconsidered: Invention-led development of risk shifting, knowledge transfer and scaling capabilities.”

Organizational Research Methods
Holcomb, T. R., Combs, J. G., Sirmon, D. G., & Sexton, J. “Modeling levels and time in entrepreneurship research: An illustration with growth strategies and post-IPO performance.”


Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice
Holcomb, T. R., Ireland, R. D., Holmes, R. M., & Hitt, M. A. “Architecture of entrepreneurial learning: Exploring the link among heuristics, knowledge, and action.

Journal of Management
Certo, S. T., Holcomb, T. R., & Holmes, R. M. “IPO research in management and entrepreneurship: Moving the research agenda forward.”

Journal of Small Business Management
Smith, B., Matthews, C. & Schenkel, M. “Differences in entrepreneurial opportunities: The role of tacitness and codification in opportunity identification.”

Strategic Management Journal
Holcomb, T. R., Holmes, R. M., & Connelly, B. “Making the most of what you've got: Managerial ability as a source of resource value creation.”