Students and professor rolling dice during an activity in entrepreneurship class


For those students interested in concentrating their studies on the field of entrepreneurship, the Farmer School offers a major in Interdisciplinary Business Management (IBM) - Bachelor of Science in Business with a focus track in Entrepreneurship.

The IBM/Entrepreneurship track major exposes students to the mindset and behavior of successful entrepreneurs as well as the principles and concepts associated with entrepreneurship in startup, social, creative and corporate ventures. The program complements majors in all of Miami’s academic divisions and promotes the applications of entrepreneurial concepts in support of each student’s passion.

Entrepreneurship is for those interested in building a new business, adding value to an existing organization, or learning the skills necessary to be successful in the entrepreneurial workforce. Students first focus on the core entrepreneurship curriculum followed by one of four specific tracks: startup, social, corporate or creativity. The major provides a framework for understanding entrepreneurship from a variety of disciplines and application of entrepreneurial skill sets to meet societal and workplace demands.

Upon completion of the major in IBM/Entrepreneurship, students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the role of entrepreneurship (startup, corporate and social) in the contemporary global business environment.
  2. Identify, analyze and evaluate viable entrepreneurial opportunities that create economic and social value in an ethical manner.
  3. Demonstrate an ability to work collaboratively in entrepreneurial contexts.
  4. Communicate effectively, both in writing and in speech, about themselves and their ideas.
  5. Construct a sustainable business model and identify the appropriate resources to pursue it.

Students interested in Interdisciplinary Business Management major will meet with an advisor to discuss the program and officially declare the major.

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