Michael Conger

Affiliate in the Institute for the Environment and Sustainability and Associate Professor



Academic Background

  • Ph.D. in Management & Entrepreneurship - University of Colorado, Boulder, CO
  • Master of Business Administration - Iowa State University, Ames, IA
  • Bachelor of Music, Vocal Performance - Wheaton College, Wheaton, IL

Academic & Professional Experience

  • Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship - Farmer School of Business, Miami University (2020-Present)
  • David F. Herche Endowed Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship - Farmer School of Business, Miami University (2019-2020)
  • Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship - Farmer School of Business, Miami University (2014-Present)
  • Ph.D. Candidate - Leeds School of Business, University of Colorado (2010-2014)
  • Senior Business Analyst/Project Manager - ITA Group, Inc., Des Moines, IA
  • Team Lead/Senior Developer - FBL Financial - Emerging Business & Technology Group, Des Moines, IA
  • Team Lead/Senior Developer - Datatel, Inc., Fairfax, VA
  • Lead Developer/Software Architect - BankOne Corp (now JP Morgan), Columbus, OH
  • Director of Internet Services - Revolutions, Inc., Columbus, OH
  • Co-Founder/CTO -, Columbus, OH
  • Web Developer/Designer - Ohio State University - Dept. of Agricultural Economics., Columbus, OH

Recent Publications

  • Gras, David, Michael Conger, Anna Jenkins, Michael Gras. 2019. œWicked Problems, Reductive Tendency, and the Formation of (Non-)Opportunity Beliefs Forthcoming at Journal of Business Venturing
  • Jones, Jessica, Jeffrey G. York, Siddharth Vedula, Michael Conger, Michael J. Lenox. 2019. œThe Collective Construction of Green Building: Industry Transition Toward Environmentally Beneficial Practices In-Press at Academy of Management Perspectives
  • Dinger, Jennifer, Michael Conger, David R. Hekman, Carla Bustamante. 2019. œSomebody That I Used To Know: The Immediate and Long-Term Effects of Social Identity in Post-Disaster Business Communities. In-Press at Journal of Business Ethics.
  • Smith, Brett, Michael Conger, Jeffery S. McMullen, Mitchell Neubert. 2019. œWhy Believe? The Promise of Research on the Role of Religion in Entrepreneurship. Journal of Business Venturing Insights, 11:e00119.
  • Conger, Michael, Jeffery S. McMullen, Brian J. Bergman Jr., Jeffrey G. York. 2018. œCategory Membership, Identity Control, and the Reevaluation of Prosocial Opportunities. Journal of Business Venturing, 33(2), 179-206.
  • Young, Susan, Chris Welter, Michael Conger. 2017. œStability vs. Flexibility: The Effect of Regulatory Institutions on Opportunity Type. Journal of International Business Studies, 49(4), 407-441.
  • Sarason, Yolanda, Michael Conger. 2017. œOntologies and Epistemologies in ˜Knowing™ the Nexus in Entrepreneurship: Burning Rice Hay and Tracking Elephants International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business, 34(4), 460-479.
  • Cannatelli, Benedetto, Brett Smith, Alessandro Giudici, Jessica Jones, Michael Conger. 2016 œAn Expanded Model of Distributed Leadership During Organizational Knowledge Creation in Social Entrepreneurship. Long Range Planning, 50(5), 582-602.
  • Conger, Michael and Jeffrey G. York. 2013. œThe Evolution of the Green Building Supply Industry: Entrepreneurial Entrants and Diversifying Incumbents. in R. Henn and A. Hoffman (Eds.) Constructing Green. MIT Press
  • Conger, Michael. 2012. œThe Role of Personal Values in Social Entrepreneurship. in J. Kickul and S. Bacq (Eds.) Patterns in Social Entrepreneurship Research. Edward Elgar

Honors & Awards

  • Recipient – 2020 James Robeson Junior Faculty Research Excellence Award Nominee – 2019 Miami University Associated Student Government Outstanding Professor Award Finalist – Fall, 2012 PhD Teaching Award, Leeds School of Business, University of Colorado Boulder Recipient – 2012 Gerald Hart Doctoral Research Fellowship Recipient – 2011 Society for Business Ethics Founders’ Award Winner – 2007 Big 12 North Business Case Competition Finalist – 2007 All Big 12 Business Case Competition Best Presenter – 2007 Big 12 North Business Case Competition Best Presenter – 2007 Iowa State MBA Business Case Competition Winner – 2006-07 Iowa State MBA Team of the Year


Michael Conger is Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship at the Farmer School of Business at Miami University. His research and teaching focus on how entrepreneurial action can contribute to solving social and environmental problems and the ways in which social enterprises are changing the role of business and organizations in society.

Michael received his Ph.D. in Management and Entrepreneurship at the University of Colorado, Boulder. His dissertation work at CU focused on the emergence of social/sustainable enterprise and the Benefit Corporation in the United States. Michael's expertise lies in the areas of hybrid organizations, social and environmental entrepreneurship, social movements and collective action, public/private partnerships, social and institutional change, identity, values, ethics, and the role of business in society.

Michael recently received the 2020 James Robeson Junior Faculty Research Excellence Award and the 2011 Founders' Award from the Society for Business Ethics. He has presented his research at the Darden Entrepreneurship and Innovation Research Conference; BCERC; NYU/Stern Social Entrepreneurship Conference; SEE Conference on Sustainability, Ethics and Entrepreneurship; Society for Business Ethics, and the Academy of Management. Michael's recent publications include articles in Patterns of Social Entrepreneurship (Edward Elgar), Constructing Green (MIT Press), and Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research, 2012 (Babson).

Prior to entering academia, Michael worked for 12 years as a software engineer, business analyst, project manger, and director in the consulting, insurance, investment banking, medical supply, and software industries. He also co-founded two technology startups and has served on the board of several non-profit organizations.

Michael grew up in the woods and on the lakes of Northern Wisconsin and now lives in Oxford, OH with his wife, Kim and their two children, Katie and Andy.


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