Startup and Venture Capital

 Kamilah Dotson talking with Rico Grant in Union Hall
Launch class in session at Union Hall
 Mentor talks with student entrepreneurs
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Startup entrepreneurship and venture capital is all about overcoming challenges and solving problems.

Startup businesses operate with limited resources and capacity. At the department of entrepreneurship, we teach students by immersing them in experiences like this to better understand how to add value and make a difference in those communities.

Whether you start a new venture, you constantly seek opportunities, or you want to add value in a fast-paced high impact environment, the department of entrepreneurship works to build and train the growing startup workforce.

Our approach to startup entrepreneurship at Miami is real-world where students roll up their sleeves and start doing! We work alongside successful entrepreneurs locally, nationally and around the world, and learn by doing.

Training An Entrepreneurial Workforce

  • To be a successful employee in a rapidly growing company where pace, ambiguity and the ability to figure things out on the fly are at a premium.
  • To think more innovatively and apply entrepreneurial processes to identify and take advantage of opportunities.
  • To start new business ventures either as side hustles or scalable organizations

Real world projects, immersive ecosystem experiences and practice based learning.

  • Altman Internship Program
  • Startup Weekend
  • Launch Course

Immersive, real world learning opportunities

Throughout the program, students will complete a minimum of 5 real-world client engagements as a consultant, intern at funded, rapidly growing companies.

Organizations our students engage with

 ESP companies