Rob Morris

BUS104 Team Lead & Visiting Assistant Professor

First-Year Integrated Core



Rob Morris is a Visiting Assistant professor in the ISA department in the Farmer School of Business. He serves as the team lead for BUS 104, overseeing the course content and integration with the rest of the FYIC courses. Rob's academic background is in math and physics, with a Ph. D. in theoretical particle physics from New York University. Additionally Rob has done research studying the visual system and induced stem cell development. Rob came to Miami in 2016 after many years of teaching and developing educational software.


  • BUS 104
  • AA 6:00PM-6:55PM|8:30AM-9:25AM, M|F, FSB 0020|FSB 0020
  • AB 6:00PM-6:55PM|8:30AM-9:25AM, W|F, FSB 0020|FSB 0020
  • BA 1:15PM-2:10PM|10:05AM-11:00AM, M|F, FSB 0033|FSB 0020
  • BB 1:15PM-2:10PM|10:05AM-11:00AM, W|F, FSB 0033|FSB 0020
  • DB 4:25PM-5:20PM|2:50PM-3:45PM, W|F, LWS 303|FSB 0033
  • HA 4:25PM-5:20PM|2:50PM-3:45PM, M|F, LWS 303|FSB 0033

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Office Hours

  • M 2:30-4
  • T 1:30-3:30
  • W 2:30-4


* Accessible version of PDF available upon request.