Make an Appointment

The Howe Center for Business Writing (HCBW) schedules appointments in the writing center through our appointment system in WCOnline. Before making an appointment, you must create a user ID. If you have previously made an appointment with the writing centers in King, Peabody, or B.E.S.T, you already have a WCOnline account. Otherwise, you will need to create an account. To do so, visit and complete the registration form here:

Scheduling an Appointment:

  • Please visit On the login page (or once logged in), make sure to select "HCBW FSB 3064" from the drop-down menu. (When logging in, this drop-down menu is located directly underneath the text boxes where you enter your name and password. When looking at the schedule itself, this drop-down menu is located along the top of the daily grid.) 
  • In the scheduling grid, available times appear white. Simply click on your preferred available time to create your appointment.
  • Appointments in the writing center are scheduled on the hour, and last 45 minutes each.

Please review the following before coming in for your appointment:

  • We value your agency as a writer. Please be prepared to actively engage in the consultation. We encourage you to bring questions and an assignment sheet, if you have one.
  • We often like to have you read your work aloud to us as it can help you see things you might miss when reading it to yourself silently.
  • You can bring your writing either on your computer or on paper. If coming in to practice presenting, we have TV screens and HDMI and VGA cords for you to use.
  • We can help you at any stage of the composing process, from generating ideas to working on a written draft/practice presentation.

We work with you on both early-order concerns (organization, argumentation, etc.) and later-order concerns (grammar, citation, formatting, etc.). We strive to help you not only with your current assignment but also help you develop skills and knowledge you can take with you in your future writing/presenting.