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Employment and Income Verification

Miami uses JobTrax for all third-party Employment and Income Verification (e.g. bank, mortgage company, housing).

Your salary earnings come from work hours, paid vacation, paid sick leave, paid holidays, and for non-exempt employees, overtime and compensatory time for all hours worked over 40 in a work week. (Non-exempt employees are those who receive hourly pay and whose primary duties do not meet the exempt duties test or the salary level test.)

Your pay schedule and the amount you are paid depend on your position and hourly rate or annual salary. Miami's compensation policies govern salary, including special pay circumstances. Miami also offers programs that allow you to earn monetary bonuses and awards above your base pay. 

Miami employees use direct deposit for payroll. At any time, you can change your direct deposit banking information and review your pay stubs by selecting "Employee Services Online" and then "Pay Information" in BannerWeb.

To track time worked, classified staff use Kronos. Unclassified staff complete leave reporting in BannerWeb.

For tuition fee waiver eligibility and instructions see Tuition Fee Waiver.