A woman is silhouetted against the door of the Armstrong Student Center
A woman staffs the Conference Services booth at the Lean Fair in Armstrong Center
A pair of faculty collaborate at a computer
Members of UPAC

The Unclassified Personnel Advisory Committee (UPAC) serves salaried administrative staff and faculty.

A professor teaches a piano lesson
Two men converse at the PFD booth at the ASC Lean Fair
Members of CPAC

The Classified Personnel Advisory Committee (CPAC) serves classified staff, including hourly SATSS.

Admissions Office staff pose around the Great Seal of Miami

Harassment and Discrimination Training

Are you interested in receiving training on harassment and discrimination prevention, duty to report harassment and discrimination and/or Title IX related issues? The Office of Equity and Equal Opportunity (OEEO) offers in person training based on MUPIM 3.6 Policy Prohibiting Harassment and Discrimination, Title IX and/or duty to report, and other topics to the Miami University community. 

At the time of scheduling training, please be prepared to provide the following information: 

  • List of individuals attending the training, including a description of the audience (e.g. classified staff, unclassified staff, supervisory staff, student employees and/or students);
  • Location, date, and time (OEEO needs at least a two-week notice to prepare training materials) or possible location, dates and times;
  • Tracking information (OEEO will work with you to determine the best method for tracking attendance); 
  • Type of training requested (e.g. MUPIM 3.6 Policy Prohibiting Harassment and Discrimination, Title IX, and/or duty to report, or special request); and,
  • Please let us know if you are requesting training as a result of an incident or an ongoing concern related to harassment and/or discrimination.

Contact OEEO

To schedule Harassment and Discrimination training, please contact Tami Moore, Associate Director at mooretl3@miamioh.edu or by telephone at (513) 529-7157.