Meet the Armstrong Student Center Staff

Katie WilsonKatie Wilson, Ed.D.

Armstrong Student Center 0018F

Contact Katie regarding: Armstrong Student Center Board; Building & Event Policies; Assessment Initiatives; Administration of Armstrong Student Center

Top Five StrengthsQuest Themes: Arranger - Harmony - Context - Input - Learner

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Lincoln WalburnLincoln Walburn, Ed.D.


Armstrong Student Center 0018E

Contact Lincoln regarding: Building Manager Employment; General Facility Issues; Student Organization (SEAL) Office Spaces

Top Five StrengthsQuest Themes: Deliberative - Restorative - Harmony - Relator - Analytical

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Adam LeftinAdam Z. Leftin


Armstrong Student Center 0018C

Contact Adam regarding: University Department Event Scheduling & Inquiries; Conferences & Weddings; Marketing Opportunities

Top Five StrengthsQuest Themes: Deliberative - Competition - Relator - Context - Learner

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Hannah Muldoon-DavisHannah Muldoon-Davis

Assistant Director, Event

Armstrong Student Center 0018D

Contact Hannah regarding: Event Production Employment; Event Support; Lighting & AV Equipment; Red Zone Employment

Top Five StrengthsQuest Themes: WOO - Adaptability - Individualization - Context - Strategic

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Shayna SandbankShayna Sandbank 

Armstrong Student Center 0018A

Contact Shayna regarding: Ambassador Employment; Student Organization Event Scheduling & Inquiries; Campus Information Desk; Red Zone Programming, Commuter Center

Top Five StrengthsQuest Themes: Communication - WOO - Developer - Individualization - Positivity

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Pam GoodwinPam Goodwin


Armstrong Student Center 0018

Contact Pam regarding: VirtualEMS Event Scheduling Assistance; Scheduling Staff Appointments; Information Tables

Top Five StrengthsQuest Themes: Consistency - Responsibility - Developer - Includer - Positivity

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