Information for Parents

The Office of Community Standards welcomes the participation of parents and families in the student conduct process and it is through this partnering that we can assist students in achieving their academic goals at the University in a safe environment for all. While we welcome the participation of parents and families, we ask that you remember that our process is focused on the student and it is their development and growth with which we are most concerned.

The following section provides some recommendations for parents when they discover that their student is involved in the campus conduct process.

  1. While Miami University recognizes that your goal is to provide support for your student, staff in the Office of Community Standards ask that you provide this support unconditionally, but not blindly. Understand that there is a process in place to hear all information regarding the incident in question and encourage your student to prepare him or herself for the process.

  2. When your son or daughter receives paperwork regarding conduct procedures and has questions, direct him or her to contact a staff member in Community Standards for information. Staff members are not permitted to give specifics to parents and will most likely recommend that the student call anyway. This also empowers the student to solve his or her own issues and concerns.

  3. We also ask that you remember that federal law (FERPA) protects access to student records, even by parents and family members. While we can answer general questions about the process we cannot discuss the specifics of a case or even acknowledge if a case exists for a specific student without written consent from that student. Consent forms are available in the "FERPA" section of our website and can be downloaded and dropped off at our office by the student.

    Parental Notification - FERPA allows for and Miami chooses to notify parents after a student has been found responsible for a violation of a drug or alcohol policy. Community Standards will send a letter via US Mail to the address of record with the University.

  4. Educate yourself on Miami University's Code of Student Conduct. You may also learn about our process in either the Guide to the Hearing Process or the Judicial Process Guide.

The staff in Community Standards takes their responsibilities as educators very seriously and do their best to provide a fair and unbiased system for all students. While these professionals understand that involvement in the conduct process may be difficult for students, they do their best to provide them support to effectively handle the situations in which they find themselves.

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