Sanctions may be imposed singly or in combination on individuals, student organizations, and fraternities or sororities. A student may be suspended or dismissed for a single violation. Multiple violations or additional violations of the Code of Student Conduct may result in more severe sanctions.

No sanction will be imposed until all appeals are completed (see Chapter 4 Appeals). Failure to complete a sanction will result in a hold on the student’s ability to register for subsequent semesters or to change a class schedule. Students are permitted to drop and withdraw as provided in The Student Handbook. Student organizations and fraternities and sororities will not be reinstated until all sanctions are completed.

Students should be aware that disciplinary records may be reviewed by others within the University and may have adverse consequences for those seeking the second-year residency exemption and/or enrollment in study-abroad opportunities.

Sanctions range from a Written Warning through Dismissal from the University. Sanctions also include Probation, Suspension, educational classes, educational papers, community service, and others.

Sanctioning decisions are made based on the nature of the violation and previous disciplinary history. There are also mandatory sanctions for certain offenses.

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