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Certifications & Awards

  • Certified by the College Reading and Learning Association

    Rinella Learning Center's Tutorial Assistance Program is certified by the College Reading and Learning Association.
  • We meet the students where they are...

    and go where they take us.

  • Association for the Tutoring Profession Award

    Rinella Learning Center received the 2010 ATP Tutoring Program of Excellence award.
  • National Outstanding Tutoring Center

    Rinella Learning Center was named 2009 National Outstanding Tutoring Center by the NCLCA.

Academic Support Allies

  • Math Help Sessions

    Miami University's Department of Mathematics offers Math Help Sessions for students in several courses.

  • Spanish and Portuguese Open Tutoring

    Spanish and Portuguese Open Tutoring (SPOT) offers tutoring in several Spanish and Portuguese courses.

  • Howe Writing Center

    The Howe Writing Center offers students a number of additional resources to assist in the writing process.