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Spring Accommodation Requests

Students are responsible for requesting accommodations online in the Student SAM Portal at the beginning of every semester.

February is Low Vision Awareness Month!

The month of February is Low Vision Awareness Month. Low vision describes significant visual impairments that aren't correctable through glasses, medication, eye surgery or contact lenses. It’s often characterized by partial sight such as blind spots, tunnel vision or blurred vision. The most common causes of low vision in the United States are glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and cataracts. Other causes include strokes, traumatic brain injury and various diseases. For more information on eye diseases, visit Prevent Blindness.

Student Spotlight

A note from Megan Zahneis:

Megan Zahneis

From the time I began visiting colleges as a high school student and exploring the possibility of living independently as a student with a disability, Miami stood out to me. The director of SDS, Mr. Andy Zeisler, spent an hour with my mom and I during my first visit to campus, answering our many questions and making me feel as though I would be welcome at Miami and could contribute to the university community. That conversation was one of the reasons I committed to Miami, and my relationship with SDS has continued to evolve throughout my career at Miami. Not only has SDS gone above and beyond in providing me accommodations in the classroom (such as a CART captioning system for my hearing loss) and in my residence hall (for example, a visual emergency alarm), but it has also afforded me opportunities to get involved and to serve Miami's disability community. With the support of Mr. Zeisler and SDS, a group of students, myself included, formed a Students with Disabilities Advisory Council to further disability awareness and issues on campus. I am now co-president of that organization, as well as a member of several planning and hiring committees within SDS.

I am forever grateful to the SDS team for paving my path to higher education and for ensuring my comfort and equal access every step of the way.