ADHD Screening and Treatment

Student Counseling Service does NOT provide psychoeducational testing for attention problems.

Effective Tuesday, August 21, 2018:

Students who suspect they may have an attention problem but have not been previously diagnosed or treated

Contact the Rinella Learning Center (RLC) at 513-529-8741, to schedule an appointment with a Learning Specialist to initiate the process of screening for attentional concerns and/or referral for additional evaluation and/or treatment, if needed. Services available at the RLC include screening, education, behavioral interventions, referral for personal counseling, referral for further evaluation, and/or referral to a medical provider for possible medication. Otherwise, they may choose to contact one of the providers listed here for psychoeducational testing for attention problems.

Students who have been previously diagnosed and treated for ADHD and are seeking to continue their medication regimen

Students may choose to continue receiving services from their current providers or contact the Student Health Service (SHS) at 513-529-3000 to schedule an appointment for continuation of treatment with a medical provider at SHS. Please note that you may need to transfer previous treatment records to SHS, therefore allow for sufficient transition time between your current provider and your new one at SHS. 

Students diagnosed with ADHD who may also want to receive accommodations

Contact the Miller Center for Student Disability Services (513-529-1541) for more information.