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Lean Training

Basic Lean Training

Miami University provides an online training overview, Lean Orientation, to introduce Lean Initiatives to all University staff.  During this 20 minute online training, staff members will be provided an introduction to Lean Initiatives at Miami, how to submit a Lean idea, basic Lean terms and flow charting basics.  

Lean Orientation is available through Atomic Learning.  Please log into Atomic Learning and then choose My Campus Training.  

Advanced Lean Training

Please click on the course description for a link to TRAIN registration for each course listed below.

Acceptance Courses

Building a Reputation of Integrity

This course is designed to help you through the ethical decision-making process.

Building and Maintaining Your Team

This course is designed to assist supervisors in identifying strategies related to training and development, succession planning, and retention.

Change Management

Participants will gain insight into frameworks for change and how to communicate the necessity for change. Discover insights into how to care for yourself and others in times of change, and explore potential actions work groups can take to cope with change.

Communication's Role in Management

During this session, we will explore the effect that communication has on employees and how they interpret and receive communications from their supervisor.

Conflict Management

In this course, the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI) will be used to identify personal approaches to conflicts.

Cultural Changes Through Leadership, Employee Development & Engagement

The Heart and Soul of the Toyota Way, Michael Hoseus will share his experiences on incorporating the Lean culture at all levels of the organization and the importance of mutual trust, servant leadership and having an unwavering focus on your customer.

Innovation, Creativity, and Immersion

This workshop will demonstrate new, effective ways of "brainstorming."  In the business world, innovative thinking is about creating new products and services, discovering new markets for existing products and services.  


This course is intended to explore our individual responsibility regarding how to stop subtle discrimination, or micro-inequities.

MBTI Myers-Briggs Introduction to Type

This process will allow participants understand their management style and how this affects the individuals they work with. This understanding will provide the foundation for the subsequent curriculum.

Strengths Based Leadership

This workshop explores what is behind the powerful Strengths-Based approach to leadership. Participants will analyze their own Strengthsfinder 2.0 results, and discuss how these talents can be understood and leveraged for leadership effectiveness and career success.

Technical Courses


This course introduces the principles and practices of Agile project management while covering the underlying values and mindset of successful Agile teams.

Employing the DMAIC Process

This course introduces the DMAIC Process, which consists of learning ways to use data, understand your stakeholders, drive innovation and spark creativity in solving your “customer’s” biggest problems.

Facilitating Effective Meetings

This course is designed to help you facilitate an award winning meeting each and every time you take center stage.

Lean Quality Management

This course will introduce the concepts and principles of quality, their tools and everyday examples with exercises to ensure traction, understanding and their application.

Presentation Skills

In this session, participants will learn effective presentation skills and techniques to prepare for a presentation, create an organized presentation, and deliver an impactful presentation. Participants will also gain tips for increasing confidence, controlling nervousness and connecting with the audience.

Lean Fundamentals

Lean Excel Template Conversion to Visio

This course is designed for individuals who are participating in lean projects and may have responsibility for documenting processes. Participants will learn to create basic flow charts, swim lane charts, fishbone diagrams and linking Visio to Excel.

Lean Metrics

This course will provide the tools necessary to understand and produce the financial goals for a lean project. This interactive course will give practical experience by developing project metrics.

Lean Standard Work

By providing the necessary tools, this course will explore the value of developing standardized procedures to facilitate the implementation a process improvement plan.

Lean Two-Day Training

This course will provide a broad overview of Lean and explore how this initiative relates to the continuous improvement and strategic vision of Miami University. In addition, participants will understand how projects are chosen, how to successfully start and close out a project, and the tools involved throughout the process.