LEED Gold and Silver Certified Buildings

Miami has been committed to achieving LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold or Silver certification for new buildings and major renovations since 2011, as part of Miami’s 2011 and 2016 Sustainability Commitments and Goals.

LEED building principles include energy efficiency and reduction, indoor environmental quality, water conservation and more.

The newest certifications — Scott and Minnich Halls —were received for LEED Gold on Sept. 30, 2019.  

Miami's 29 LEED-certified buildings now account for 28.3% of the gross square footage of buildings on the Oxford campus. 


LEED Gold and Silver Certified Buildings: New Construction or Major Renovations (by Oct. 2019)
Building Type Hall  Gross Square Feet LEED Certification Level
Auxiliary Armstrong Student Center 242,915 Silver
Dining Hall Martin Dining Hall 32,027 Silver
Dining Hall Western Dining Commons 46,240 Silver
Residence & Dining  Garden Commons & Symmes Hall 80,036 Silver
Residence & Dining MapleStreet Station 87,430 Silver
Residence Anderson Hall 58,239 Silver
Residence Beechwoods Hall 75,499 Silver
Residence Brandon Hall 47,842 Silver
Residence Collins Hall 40,977 Silver
Residence Dennison Hall 70,768 Gold
Residence Dorsey Hall 51,945 Silver
Residence Etheridge Hall 80,909 Silver
Residence Flower Hall 92,694 Silver
Residence Hahne Hall 83,509 Silver
Residence Hamilton Hall 78,808 Gold
Residence Hepburn Hall 62,754 Silver
Residence Hillcrest Hall 74,170 Silver
Residence MacCracken Hall 90,655 Silver
Residence McBride Hall 38,138 Silver
Residence McFarland Hall 45,839 Silver
Residence Minnich 73,811 Gold
Residence Porter Hall 47,476 Silver
Residence Presidents Hall 93,934 Silver
Residence Richard Hall 90,601 Silver
Residence Scott Hall 70,341 Gold
Residence Stonebridge Hall 72,383 Silver
Residence Withrow Hall 76,203 Silver
Academic Farmer School of Business 229,423 Silver
Academic Shideler Hall 97,679 Silver