Policy Proposal Template

Policy Title:

Proposer Name, Title and Email:


States the rationale for the new proposed policy or change to existing policy. Also explains the history of the proposed policy, including policies superseded or modified and which stakeholders have been consulted.

Covered Parties:

Identifies to whom the policy applies.

Defined Terms:

Lists terms that may have specialized meaning in the policy.

Proposed New or Revised Policy (Clean Version):

This is the text that, in its final, approved version, would appear in the Policy Library.

Proposed Revised Policy (Marked Up Version):

If you are revising an existing policy, this is the current existing policy. For words that are being eliminated, use strike-though (e.g., word).  Mark new words in the text in red.  Please also include the URL for the existing policy in the Policy Library.

Effective Date:

Responsible Parties:

Identifies and provides contact information for the University office or unit responsible for overseeing the implementation of or compliance with the policy.

Implementation Procedures and Timeline:

Explains how the policy will be implemented, including a timeline for implementation and any costs related to implementation.

Related Policies and References:

List policies from benchmarked institutions as well as any related policies at Miami.

Please also list references to existing research that helped to shape the policy proposal.