Student Referrals and the Role of SDS

Professor at equation-covered board in a mathematics class
Professor Coates talks to students in a MUM classroom
 Students and Scripps professor work together in small group, CAS

Students are encouraged to self-disclose their need for accommodations to SDS as soon as a need for an accommodation is evident. Faculty are not required or expected to accommodate a disability about which they are not informed or made aware. If you encounter a student who discloses that she or he has a disability, you should inquire whether they are registered with Student Disability Services (SDS); and if not, you should encourage them to do so. You should not seek to make accommodation arrangements on your own. If a student requests a disability-related accommodation for which you have not been notified of, please refer him or her immediately to SDS, and document your referral in your records. It is both the responsibility of the student and the faculty member to engage in a good-faith interaction, along with the SDS Office, in order to cooperate for development of a reasonable accommodation.

Office Contact Information

Student Disability Services



304 Shriver Center

(513) 529-1541 (V/TTY)
(513) 529-8595 (Fax)


120 Rentschler Hall
Hamilton Campus

(513) 785-3211
(513) 785-3127 (Fax)


14A Johnston Hall
Middletown Campus

(513) 727-3312
(513) 727-3426 (Fax)