Overview of the Application Process

Professor speaks to his class in language lab, CAS
Professor Scott Hartley, wearing protective glasses, talks with students in the lab, CAS


Applicants are strongly encouraged to consult with a librarian about suitable existing open educational resources before applying for a grant.

Review of Grant Proposals

Grant proposals will be reviewed by the University OER Committee, in consultation with the appropriate dean. There is no discipline-specific review. Your application must be well conceived, clearly stated, and written in a language that can be understood by an audience of faculty peers from a range of disciplines.

Proposals which involve a course taught by multiple faculty members should be accompanied by a statement from the department chair or director, or from the appropriate dean supporting the proposal. In the case of multiple faculty proposers, the professional development funding will generally be divided among the faculty. However, if the faculty are proposing to try different OER for different sections of the same course to compare results, the faculty proposers will each receive full professional development funding.


There are two submission deadlines for grant proposals: first business day in October and first business day in March.

Final Report, Presentation, and Disposition of OER

In the final year/course iteration of the Grant Award, recipients are required to:

  • File a report on the outcome of the grant with the University OER Committee, due by May 30 of the final year of the grant.
  • Present the results of the grant to an on-campus audience.
  • Upload any OER created or modified in the course of the grant to the OER Collection in Miami’s institutional repository, the Scholarly Commons.