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Senate News, September 11, 2023
University Senate met on September 11, 2023 in Harrison 111. Senate heard from Senior Associate Provost Carolyn Haynes on the Establishment of Centers & Institutes Policy Proposal. Senate also heard presentations from BaShaun Smith, Associate VP & Dean of Students, Brent Shock, VP for Enrollment Management and Student Success, and a joint presentation on the Humanities Futures Committee and Initiatives from Tim Melley, Director of the Humanities Center and Provost Mullenix.
Senate News, May 1, 2023
Senators approved a new Cybersecurity Program.
Senate News, April 24, 2023
Senators heard about a proposed Cybersecurity Program, thanked Tom Poetter for his service as chair-elect of the 2022-2023 Senate Executive Committee, and welcomed Tracy Haynes as the chair of the 2023-2024 Senate Executive Committee.
Senate News, April 17, 2023
The Provost gave an update on SB-83 and Campus safety. Senators continued discussion on seven items of business including changes to the promotion policies for 1) Tenure Track and 2) TCPL faculty, 3) Responsive changes in the TCPL Promotion and Dossier Guidelines, 4) a TCPL cap change in CEC, and proposed changes to the 5) Academic Integrity Policy, 6) Registration Policy, and 7) Probation Policy. Senators gave Senate Executive Committee permission to continue to fill senate committees over the summer.
Senate News, April 10, 2023
Senators heard from Dana Cox and Tracy Haynes about changes to the TCPL Policy and Promotion Guidelines, from Tim Cameron about a recommendation to raise the TCPL cap in the College of Engineering and Computing from 20 to 29%, from Brenda Quaye on a proposal to change the Academic Integrity Policy, and from Amity Noltemeyer on two policy revision proposals: the Registration Policy and Probation Policy. Senators heard four items of old business.
Senate News, April 3, 2023
Senators heard a special report from Provost Mullenix on Faculty Composition Data and heard an update about Senate Bill 83. Four items of old business were heard and all four policy recommendations were approved. Four new items of new business were introduced including annual review of the Tenure Track Promotion and Tenure Policy, Changes to the Midterm Grades Policy, a potential Ad-Hoc committee to explore MU's approach to academic progress for students, a Sense of the Senate Resolution on Ohio Senate Bill 83, and the reapportionment of Senate Seats for 2023-2024.
Senate News, March 27, 2023
Senate heard from Michael Crowder on two proposed revisions to policies: Graduate Student Organization Policy and Support for Research Travel and Teaching Policy. We heard from Associate Provost Carolyn Haynes on proposed revisions to the Course Repeat Policy and a new Co-operative Policy Proposal. We also a special reports from John Bowblis, Chair of the Benefits Committee and Dawn Fahner, Associate VP of Human Resources on changes to the Parental Leave Policy and increases in the cost of health plan premiums for 2024. We also had a special report from Randi Thomas, Vice President for ASPIRE including updates on the College@Elm.
Senate News, March 6, 2023
Senators heard from Amy Bergerson, Associate Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Education. Senators approved three resolutions. Provost Mullenix gave an update including a review of the Board of Trustees meeting, congratulating newly promoted and tenured faculty members, updating Senate about online proctoring at Miami, and a review of emergency procedures.
Senate News, February 20, 2023
Senators heard presentations on 1) A revision to the class attendance policy; 2) revisions to the Senate Bylaws on the function and composition of the Undergraduate Research Committee; and 3) A revision to the TCPL policy to raise the cap for the College of Creative Arts. Cheryl Young gave a special report to update senators about MUDEC.