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Equestrian Team Leadership

Executive Board

The Executive Board is comprised of elected members of MUET and is critical to the success of our team. These student leaders manage the team funds, organize shows, oversee team trips and travel arrangements, keep track of attendance, raise funds, manage the website and communications, ensure safety, and set up team events.

Kelsey Giorgio riding a horse in an indoor arena

Kelsey Giorgio

Sofie Olson riding a horse outside

Sofie Olson

Vice President
Ally Schuester riding a horse next to some flowers

Ally Schuester

Brianne Lefanowicz with her horse's head resting over her shoulder

Brianne Lefanowicz

Sam Maybury riding his horse in an indoor arena

Sam Maybury

Shelby Zimmerman standing next to her horse while the horse nuzzles her face

Shelby Zimmerman

Service and Fundraising Chair
Serrin Whitt leading her horse out of the arena

Serrin Whitt

Public Relations Officer
Mary Roskens standing next to her blue ribbon wearing horse

Mary Roskens

Travel Coordinator
Isabel Tuckett hugging her horse in the barn

Isabel Tuckett

Dressage Captain
Meredith Cluse standing next to her horse wearing western style attire

Meredith Cluse

Western Captain
Roberta Cullinan standing next to her horse and petting its head

Roberta Cullinan

Hunt Seat Captain
Anna Wilson standing next to her horse in a vibrant green pasture

Anna Wilson

Hunt Seat Captain

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