Developing an Esports Curriculum

Developing an Esports Curriculum

Esports is a category of competition encompassing competitive videogame play. Globally, it is a multibillion-dollar industry growing at 18% annually. Esports are the most popular sport for the college student-age audience. Miami was among the first of nearly 200 universities with varsity teams, and there are nearly three times that many with club teams. Put simply, esports are where our present and future students are; we need to meet them there.

By establishing Esports@Miami, the university will build and support the first major esports curriculum in the country, foster new research and the development of an academic community around esports, expand the reach of our varsity and club esports programs, develop our physical spaces so that esports can thrive and grow at Miami, and generate scholarships for players and students interested in studying esports.

Leading Faculty on the Project

Phill Alexander
Assistant Professor,
Interactive Media Studies

Glenn Platt
Professor and C. Michael Armstrong Chair,
Interactive Media Studies


Capitalizing on its nationally ranked esports team, Miami can become a nationally recognized educational leader in this growing field.

Level of Investment:

$100,000 for infrastructure and support