Gift Cards

Campus Services gift cards can be used at Oxford and Regional Dining locations, Oxford Campus Store, Rec Center, Goggin Ice Center, and at Concessions. Any questions can be directed to the Auxiliary Business Office at 513-529-5997 or

Frequently Asked Questions

Can students use MUlaa to purchase a gift card?

No. Just as they cannot use the Gift Cards to pay/purchase MUlaa or Meal Plan dollars, we cannot go from an account to account.

Can a customer purchase multiple gift cards in one transaction?

No. Unfortunately, if you try to load multiple cards in one transaction, our system will not load funds onto the gift cards. If a customer wants three $25 cards, you must complete three separate transactions.

Can a Department use an account code to purchase gift cards?

Departments wanting to purchase the universal gift card must request pre-approval from A/P and must track the distribution of cards. Please review this policy.