Can I meet the coaches and ride before the first day of classes?

Miami Bound is a program for incoming freshmen that allows students to move into their dorm early, meet and ride with the coaches daily, and meet other freshmen and current team members before school starts.
For more information visit the Miami Bound: Equestrian page.

Who decides what division I am in for the IHSA and/or IDA?

Returning members will try-out for the division in which they competed in, or the one they were originally placed in. New members will fill out a placement form based on previous riding and showing experience. For more information on the IHSA and its divisions please visit www.ihsainc.com but please do not join as a member yet. We will help you in the weeks to come with placement and membership. Dressage riders can also check out the IDA website at teamdressage.com.


In addition to practices, all team members are required to attend meetings. As the team's schedule permits, outside practices and activities are often added for the benefit of all members. Being a part of the team is a big time commitment. Please do not accept an invitation if you are unable to meet the requirements. You will be asked to step down if you do not meet the expectations.

Can I try-out for the jumping team?

There are limited spots available on the jumping team as most horse shows limit the jumping entries to 6-8 riders. If your placement form places you in novice fences or above and you have at least 6 months continuous jumping instruction you may try-out.

Can I try-out for western reining?

Only those interested riders who qualify for the open western division as filled out on your placement form are eligible for western reining.

When are try-outs and how do they work?

Your try-out will take place during a riding lesson. The available lesson times will be posted in advance, please attend the meeting for try-out sign-ups and information. Please come to try-outs in boots, breeches, and a polo shirt for hunt seat and dressage or jeans, boots, and a polo shirt for western. If you are missing items you can inform the coaching staff at your tryout and we can discuss your intentions of acquiring these items. Horse equipment will be provided. Try-outs are for western, dressage, and hunt seat, and if you are interested in more than one discipline you must try-out for each discipline. Try-outs follow a lesson format and will be in late August . You will sign up for one try-out time, additional times may be available; please check your emails for updates. Each try-out will cost $20.00 and will be billed with your team fees and paid at the Rec Center Pro Shop to cover the instructor and horse cost.

How many times a week will I lesson and how do I sign up for lesson times?

Regular lessons are scheduled weekly. The coaching staff will be contacting you various times throughout the semester for scheduling. Weather permitting, the team will be taught a minimum of once a week. See calendar for all sign-up dates. Practices are mandatory and absences must be excused. Each member should be prepared to arrive early for their practice to groom and tack up and plan to stay a half hour after to properly cool down, groom, and clean your horse’s equipment.

What is the cost of riding on the intercollegiate team?

The semester fee is $950.00 and all billing will be done at the beginning of the semester through the bursar office and payments will be made through the Rec Center Pro Shop. All billing forms will be filled out during your tryout and taken up to the Pro Shop for payment. Cash, check, credit card, and bursar will be accepted.

IHSA/IDA Horse Shows:

The IHSA competes in 8-10 horse shows per year and the IDA teams have 4-6 per year. Each team usually competes at least twice a semester. Due to limited entries not all members will be eligible to compete at each show. The coaches will decide which members are eligible and will announce their decisions at least a week prior to the show. We travel to different cities and states for horse shows. Miami hosts a hunt seat and western horse show in the fall semester and a dressage show in the spring. These horse shows are mandatory events for all members of each team division. In order for these shows to be successful each team member must pitch in to help the show run successfully.

Cost for IHSA/IDA team dues:

IHSA Dues (1x per year) $40.00 for one discipline
$60.00 for two disciplines
IDA Dues (1x per year) $30.00
MUET Team Dues (2x a year) $40.00

Cost for IHSA/IDA horse showing

IHSA Class Entry Fee (1 class) $28.00-35.00 (up to 4 classes a weekend)
IDA Class Entry Fee $35.00 (up to 2 classes a weekend)
Travel Fee $10.00-$30.00
MUET Apparel (optional but encouraged) Varies

What Riding opportunities are available to me if I don’t make the IHSA team?

The coaching staff would like all those interested to have an opportunity to ride at Miami. Riders may be asked to join the team at any point during the academic season. The best way to be ready for this opportunity is to stay riding. Please read below for suggested riding opportunities.

Lesson Packages

Individual lessons as well as lesson packages will be offered in both hunt seat and western.

  • Cost: Group Lesson-$40.00 per lesson, must be purchased in a block of 4 lessons.
  • Lessons can be paid by check, cash, credit card or put on our bursar account and are paid at the Rec Center Pro Shop.
  • Lesson packages will expire one year from the date of purchase.
  • Scheduled lessons not canceled 24hrs in advanced will be charged

Open Horse Showing:

  • We would like to offer open horse showing opportunities for those students interested in attending local shows. You may lease a school horse if you do not own one.
  • Fees for outside horse showing include:
    • Instructional Fee: $75.00 per day
    • Horse Rental Fee: $55.00 per day
    • Trailer Fee: $1.30 per mile ($20.00 minimum trailer fee)
    • Stabling and Entry fees: Vary depending on horse show

Can I bring my horse to Miami?

Due to the growth of our programming we will no longer be offering student boarding.

What you will need to participate in riding?

Horse equipment is provided to include grooming supplies, bathing supplies, bridle, saddle, girth, boots, and saddle pads. You will need to utilize our bridles, girths, pads, boots and grooming supplies, if you choose to use your own saddle keep in mind we switch horses during the lessons sometimes and others may need to utilize your saddle.

Weekly lesson attire: The attire listed below is for your safety.

  • ASTM/SEI approved helmet that fits securely with your hair secured in hairnets up under the helmet or in the case of short hair, that it is pulled back.
  • A shirt that meets your shoulder and is tucked into your pants. No tank tops are allowed.
  • Jeans and half chaps or full chaps with paddock boots, or breeches and boots.
  • Western may wear jeans and a western boot.
  • Boots must be worn at all times when working around the horses.
  • If you are uncertain about your clothing or are going to purchase new or have existing items tailored, please ask the coaching staff for assistance and a shopping trip can be arranged.
  • Horse Show Attire- Hunt Seat:
  • ASTM/SEI approved helmet, the look you are going for is the GPA or Charles Owens, hair secured in hairnets up under the helmet or in the case of short hair is pulled back.
  • A long sleeved hunt shirt in a conservative color and or pattern with choker, a monogram is nice but not a show pin. Ties for men, to compliment shirt. Shirt color and pattern should compliment hunt coat.
  • A hunt coat of quality fabric in a conservative color, navy for finals, coat must be tailored to fit you.
  • Tailored sportsman breeches or of similar quality, fabric, fit and color. Very few others compare please check before investing. The tailored sportsman are the better investment because they last.
  • A belt with shirt tucked in
  • Field boots are preferable in some cases dress boots will work, they must be snug fitting and tall enough.
  • Black gloves
  • Conservative jewelry if any and same with make-up

Horse Show Attire- Western:

  • Felt hat of 5X or higher quality in black, silver or tan. Hat should be shaped to you and kept in a hat container. Preferably quarter horse crease.
  • Women should wear a fitted, long sleeve horsemanship shirt or jacket to compliment chaps and hat.
  • Men need to wear a nice higher end western shirt and scarf tie that compliments chaps and hat.
  • Chaps need to be black or tan made of leather (rough out/smooth) or ultra suede. They need to be tailored to you.
  • Pants under chaps should match chaps and also be fitted.
  • Belt with appropriate buckle.
  • Western boots that match outfit, preferably not lacers.
  • Make-up and jewelry to compliment attire.
  • Hair should be in bun or styled appropriately.
  • Gloves that match shirt.
  • Western show shirts are available for rent. Contact Beth for details.

Horse Show Attire- Dressage:

  • ASTM approved helmet, the look you are going for is the GPA or Charles Owens. Hair secured in hairnets up under the helmet.
  • A dressage or hunt coat of quality fabric in black or navy. Dressage coat preferred. Coat must be tailored to fit you.
  • White competition shirt and stock tie with pin. “False” stock ties are acceptable and can be an economical alternative.
  • White breeches, full seat preferred. Please confer with coaching staff before purchase of new show breeches.
  • Black or dark brown belt with shirt tucked in.
  • Black tall boots.
  • Black or white gloves (black preferred).
  • Conservative jewelry if any and same with make-up.