Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff from across 6 Miami departments, as well as several internal and external groups, have a range of expertise in aquatic and watershed sciences.

Miami University and Vassar College faculty conduct winter watershed research in New Hampshire.

Faculty / Staff
Faculty / Staff Department/Program Interests
Bailer, John Statistics biostatistics
experimental design and analysis
quantitative risk assessment
Berg, David J. Biology molecular ecology
conservation of aquatic invertebrates
Bollmann, Annette Microbiology nitrogen dynamics in aquatic ecosystems
Boone, Michelle D. Biology amphibian conservation
ephemeral wetlands as sentinels of environmental change
Dong, Hailiang Geology & Environmental Earth Science arsenic and other contaminants in surface & groundwater
aquatic microbial ecology
Fisher, Thomas Statistics time series
multivariate analysis
applications of statistics
Fisk, Melany Biology nutrient cycling in watersheds
González, María J. Biology zooplankton community ecology
Gorchov, David L. Biology invasive plant species and their direct and indirect impacts on terrestrial ecosystems
Grudzinski, Bart Geography fluvial geomorphology
landuse impacts
aquatic ecology
watershed restoration
Hagerman, Ann Chemistry & Biochemistry environmental chemistry of tannins
Hughes, Michael Statistical Consulting Center
Krekeler, Mark Geology & Environmental Earth Science environmental geology
Levy, Jonathan Geology & Environmental Earth Science groundwater hydrology
groundwater/surface-water interaction
Maingi, John Geography remote sensing
ecology of wooded ecosystems
surface hydrology
Morgan-Kiss, Rachael Microbiology photobiology of extreme environments
Oris, Jim Biology ecotoxicology of PAHs and Hg
Renwick, Bill Geography watershed hydrology
sediment fluxes
Rech, Jason Geology & Environmental Earth Science climate change and water resources in arid regions
Robinson, Julia Cecilia Berg Center for Environmental Education environmental education
Rypstra, Ann L. Biology facility interactions
Watershed Education and Research Center
Smucker, Bryan Statistics experimental design
Stevens, Hank Biology ecological modeling
Sullivan, Steve Hefner Museum of Natural History environmental education
Vanni, Michael J. Biology nutrient cycling
aquatic food webs
harmful algal blooms
Williamson, Craig Biology global change limnology
lakes as sentinels of climate change
Wright, Steve Statistics applications of optimization in science and statistics
Zhang, Jing Statistics statistical modeling for environmental and biological sciences