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Major Insight Episode 19 Building Communities that Help Everyone Thrive
Featured Majors: Individualized Studies (Western Program), Education, Teaching and Learning
Graduate Students Recognized for Teaching Excellence
Two English graduate students, Jen Sammons and Megan Schoettler, have been named CAS Outstanding Teaching Assistants for 2020.
Major Insight Episode 18 Engineering a Cleaner, Safer World
Featured Majors: Chemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Mathematics, Music Performance
CAS faculty adapt to new challenges offering immersive online instruction to students during the pandemic
With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing unprecedented levels of change and disruption across the globe, Miami faculty have had to quickly shift their classes online and find new and creative ways to keep their students engaged.
Growing numbers of Professional Writing and Interactive Media Studies double majors forge a formidable set of skills for the future
As a need for diversified skills in the workplace increases, more and more Miami students are choosing to double major or co-major in professional writing (PW) and interactive media studies (IMS). There is an increasing need from employers for recent graduates who understand the digital world of design and user experience as well as a need for employees who are strong writers who can communicate across any platform effectively.
Major Insight Episode 17 How Business Marketing and Sustainability Co-exist
Featured Majors: Corporate Sustainability, Marketing
Noriko Reider takes on Mountain Witches
Dr. Reider has written a new book entitled Mountain Witches: Yamauba, which will be published at the end of 2020.
Stacey Lowery Bretz and Tim Melley awarded Benjamin Harrison Medallion
Champions for chemistry education and the humanities, Stacey Lowery Bretz and Tim Melley honored for their work.Finding a clearer understanding of the world around us – how molecules interact or the societal forces that shape our democracy – is at the heart of the teaching, research and service of Stacey Lowery Bretz and Tim Melley.
Major Insight Episode 16 Empowering Others Through Education and Democracy
Featured Majors: Integrated Social Studies Education, Political Science