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For over 30 years, the OWP's four-week workshop on the teaching of writing has earned consistently excellent ratings by classroom teachers and external evaluators.

In addition to the four-week workshop, the OWP offers a wide array of other credit workshops that vary in length, topic, and focus. These workshops, whether offered on Miami's campus, off-site, or online, all focus on the best in contemporary theory and practice, involve active participation, and support teachers as they build skills in both teaching and writing. 

COVID-19 Update

OWP is still here for you! Even if on-campus activities are suspended due to COVID-19 precautions, learning never ends at Miami University and The Ohio Writing Project.The OWP summer workshops will continue online. OWP has a history of strong online workshops that build on the OWP foundation of teacher practice, writing and professional community, regardless of the platform. Email with questions or if you want information for registration.

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41st Annual Workshop on the Teaching of Writing

  • June 15-July 10, 2020

  • 6 credit hours


Join us for this workshop and be part of a writing and teaching community.

Be Inspired

Participate in interactive presentations, learn about best practices in all areas of literacy, and work toward your own professional teaching and writing goals.

Collect Resources

Practice strategies for creating and strengthening instruction of Ohio’s ELA Learning Standards, and return to your classroom with ideas for teaching, revising, and evaluating writing.

Collaborate with Professional Voices

Explore current writing research and be in conversation with other K-12 teachers   including Liz Prather, guest author on June 19.

(Re)Discover the Writer

Experience a classroom writing community, create models of your writing for your students, and become a teacher who writes.


Voice of America Learning Center (VOA)

  June 15 - July 10; Monday - Friday, 8:30 - 3:00

  Instructors: Kerry Crotty, Sycamore HS; Beth Rimer, OWP K-12;   Caroline Stehlin, Centerville HS

Hybrid Location: 

Piqua City Schools

June 15-23 and July 8-10, 8:30 - 3:00; June 24 - July 7, 10 days online  

Instructors: Katie Bills-Tenney, Bellbrook HS; Meredith Parris, Troy JHS

On Campus Classes - Summer 2020

All OWP classes involve active participation, as teachers read and discuss professional literature, share writing with one another, and develop grade-level lessons. Classes are designed for all teachers from kindergarten through high school.

Math Literacy, 6/9 - 6/11, Voice of America Learning Center   (1 credit)

Are you an English or a math person? Can you be both? Is it possible to connect math skills and literacy? Participants will examine what it means to be math literate, explore strategies for supporting math learning through literacy structures and skills, and develop practical lessons for the classroom.

Instructors: Ashlie Stoneburner, Monroe ES

Story Still Matters, 6/15 - 6/19, Voice of America Learning Center (2 credits)

In a curriculum when stories sometimes feel sidelined, we are reminded now more than ever that stories matter. Participants will explore the role of narrative writing across genres, practice narrative elements by writing our own stories, and create classroom strategies and find authentic models for improving student narrative writing in all genres. We will spend the last day with author Liz Prather, Story Still Matters. Instructors: Stephanie Johnson, Edgewood HS

Current Conversations: Teaching Reading & Readers, 6/29 - 7/9, Voice of America Learning Center (3 credits)

Reading workshop. The science of reading. Independent reading. Whole class novels. What does the research say? What do students need? How do we address the full picture of reading in our classroom? Join current conversations surrounding reading instruction. The focus will be on making sense of the varied aspects of reading instruction and creating reading environments that honor the full picture of reading. Instructor: Kelly Parker, South Lebanon ES; Beth Toerner, Wyoming MS

Literacy Interventions, 7/14 - 7/16, Oxford  (1 credit)

Do you ever feel as if you don’t know how to adjust lessons for all learners? Do you wonder how to meet the goals of students needing literacy interventions? How do you collaborate with colleagues to support learning and teaching for striving students? Participants will explore a variety of structures and strategies to support students in literacy goals and growth through effective literacy interventions and practices. Instructors: Heather Packo, Fairfield HS

Off-campus, Online, and Hybrid* Classes - Summer 2020

All OWP classes involve active participation, as teachers read and discuss professional literature, share writing with one another, and develop grade-level lessons. Classes are designed for all teachers from kindergarten through high school.

Making Arguments: Arguments to Make Change, 6/8 - 6/26 (3 credits, hybrid)

Stance. Perspectives. Evidence. Claims. Informed opinions. Public Arguments. Participants will review current resources in teaching opinion and argument including an arc of an instructional year, supports for making arguments public, specific strategies for teaching the elements of arguments, and creating our own models.

Meet at Voice of America Learning Center on June 9 and June 22.
Instructors: Megan Bryson, Milton-Union HS; Lindsey Locker, John Hole ES

Fitting It In: Innovations & Foundations, 6/24 - 7/15 (3 credits, hybrid)

Reading, writing, testing, PBL, SEL, flexible seating, … feeling the stress of fitting it all in? Through reflection on current practices, exploration of innovations in literacy instruction, and inquiry into foundations and trends in education, particpants will design lessons, modify practices and schedules, and participate in a community of educators figuring it out and fitting it in.

Meet at Voice of America Learning Center on June 25 and July 10.
Instructors: Stephanie Pearson, Kramer ES; Annie Swingle, Lakota West HS

The Power of Art: Engaging Visual Literacy, 7/13 - 7/31 (3 credits, online)

"A picture is worth a thousand words." Participants will explore research and resources for connecting the power of art to developing literacy. We will focus on a range of visual texts including artwork, graphics, photos, film, sketchnoting and more as we practice the power of art to inspire and teach reading and writing skills.

Instructors:Meghan Dillon, Kettering High School; Elizabeth Farris, Wyandot ES

Mentor Texts, 6/24 - 6/30 (2 credits, meets at Maumee City Schools)

Coach. Counsel. Guide. Lead. Show. Mentor texts provide possibility and vision for student writers and support for writing teachers. We will explore mentor texts from across genres to discover the benefits of reading like a writer. Participants will generate ideas, gather inspiration for genre, imagine new structures and develop possibilities for craft to create authentic models of their own. Instructors: Katie Bills-Tenney, Bellbrook HS

* A hybrid workshop meets primarily through an online community, while meeting on campus two days