Miami Global Partner Summer Program

The Global Partner Summer Program is a four-week academic program at Miami University, Oxford, OH. Students take two (2) courses chosen and approved by the home institution over the three-week, 15-day, Monday to Friday morning academic schedule.

  • Students take part in a range of academic and cultural opportunities. There are lectures on cross-cultural business communication, including lectures on cross-cultural communication. The English Department participates by offering writing and culture classes. 
  • Students participate in frequent excursions on weekends and weekday afternoons including a four-day excursion to Chicago. Students live on the beautiful Oxford campus in a specially selected residence hall and enjoy two meals per day Monday to Friday.
  • Students are provided with the full range of campus services (libraries, museums, student union, student recreational center, etc.) and easy walking access to Uptown Oxford’s restaurants and stores. 

Sample Courses: 
Writing About America: Culture and Rhetoric in the United States Class One - Rhetoric Across American Cultures 

Advanced Composition: American Academic Culture