Kathleen German, Ph.D.

Professor of Media and Communication

Kathleen GermanKathleen German is co-author of The Ethics of Emerging Media (Continuum Press, 2012) and Queer Identities/Political Realities (Cambridge Scholars Press, 2010). She is first author on the leading public speaking textbook Principles of Public Speaking, 18th edition (Longman, 2012), which she has co-authored since 1988. German’s scholarly articles have appeared in Communication Studies, Western Journal of Communication, Communication Education and Newspaper Research Journal. She has contributed chapters to more than 37 volumes, including Food as Communication/Communication as Food (Praeger, 2010), Media Interventions (University of Wisconsin Press, 2012), and two seminal essays on silent film and early radio in American Indians and American Popular Culture (Praeger, 2011). Her current projects include a book, Challenges of Citizenship, on the impact of OWI recruitment films on African Americans during World War II. She earned master’s and doctoral degrees in rhetorical theory and criticism at the University of Iowa. German teaches Media Aesthetics, Scriptwriting, Media & Society, Documentary Film, Alternative Traditions in Film, Media Criticism, and several honors courses in cooperation with the Myaamia tribe.

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