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Strategic Communication

Strategic Communication prepares students for communication- and media-related careers in a range of corporate, non-profit, and public service fields. Students specialize in analyzing and influencing cultural trends and crafting messages on behalf of organizations, policies, brands, products, and social causes.

What are the features of the Strategic Communication major?

Interdisciplinary approach

The program's interdisciplinary approach brings together various disciplines to foster intellectual competency, cultural fluency and to enlarge student perspective. Students study how human communication has changed through technology. They also practice skills that use that technology effectively to reach audiences and negotiate personal and organizational relationships. Strategic Communication includes themes also found in other majors and disciplines, including Marketing, Analytics, Digital Branding, Advertising, Psychology, Political Science, Professional Writing/English, Diversity and Intercultural Studies, and others.

Hands-on experiences

The program is augmented by numerous opportunities for practical experience, including real-world client projects, student media opportunities and intensive study away/abroad programs (Inside Chicago, Hollywood, London, New York, Washington and coming in 2023, Beijing).

All students complete their studies with a capstone where students work to create an integrated marketing communication plan for a real-world client for corporate or non-profit organizations.

In addition to the many student media opportunities, Miami's chapter of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSSA) provides professional leadership experiences and networking. It sponsors a student-run public relations firm providing actual services to PR and advertising clients such as the City of Oxford.

Internship opportunities

While not required, our majors have held numerous and individualized internships. Students have served with local, regional, and national public relations and/or advertising agencies, political offices, and a wide variety of business, non-profit, and social issues groups across the nation and abroad. Students acquire materials for a professional portfolio that allows them to showcase their strong liberal arts and theoretical background within applied experiences, demonstrating broad based skills and capabilities to employers. Students may earn academic credit in the major for an officially recognized STC-related internship.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We welcome and respect students of diverse backgrounds, values and identities. The study of media representation and intercultural communication are at the heart of the STC major. Students have a wide array of opportunities to study, discuss and create multi-cultural experiences here.

Our Major

The Strategic Communication major requires students to choose and complete a minor/co-major/second major. No more than 9 credit hours may be counted toward both the completion of the Strategic Communication major and the completion of a minor, co-major, or second major.  Students majoring in Strategic Communication cannot major in Communication Studies through the College of Liberal Arts and Applied Science.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Professional Competencies – knowledge about best practices of analyzing and producing communications in professional communication fields, including but not limited to public relations, advertising, the business world, and the media industries;
  2. Understand Audiences, Gatekeepers, and Communication Venues – Be able to assess the appropriateness of different technologies and communication practices for different venues, industries, and audiences;
  3. Analyze, Create, and Evaluate Communication Strategies – Plan, produce, and assess media and messages in a strategic manner, using research and data;
  4. Communicate Effectively in Multiple Channels – Show competency in writing, public speaking, and communication across different types of media;
  5. Exercise Critical Thinking, Ethics, and Culturally Sensitive Communication – Recognize the legal, ethical, social, and cultural issues and implications of communication in society.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the special admission requirements, if any?

There are no admission requirements. However, students entering Miami in Fall 2021 or later must complete a minor in addition to the STC major. Students entering Miami before Fall 2021 must complete a second major or co-major outside the Department of Media, Journalism and Film. For more information and options about these requirements, see the Strategic Communication Curriculum page.

What courses would I take?

In addition to those required by the Global Miami Plan and the College of Arts and Sciences, students study communication history, theory, technology and practice. The STC program is grounded in studying the disciplines of Public Relations, Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communication.

Strategic communication is at its heart is a written, visual and spoken discipline. Our students become strong writers in a variety of contexts and create professional and real-world written assets. In addition, human communication – interpersonal, public, and mass communication – is honed in all its form. Students will practice human communication working in teams and negotiating workplace relationships.

All students will learn to analyze, critique and create messages that are relevant and necessary for audiences targeted through research and analytics. All STC students receive a foundation in communication technology as they create video, audio and digital assets.

Students may pick from a broad range of elective courses based on their particular interests. Some themes include advertising and consumer culture, journalism, political branding, social media marketing, crisis and representation management as well as media law and ethics.

What can I do with this major?

Because it is a broad and interdisciplinary major, students with an STC Bachelors of Arts degree from Miami have a broad career field to choose from. Specifically, this degree is for those who choose careers in public relations, marketing/advertising communications, sales, public affairs, or project management in corporate and non-profit environments. It is also strong training for and prepares students to enter graduate school or attend law school.

Who can I contact for more information?

Hongmei Li, Area Director
153 Williams Hall

Christe McKittrick, STC Lead Departmental Advisor
143A Williams Hall

Our Faculty

Strategic Communication

Department of Media, Journalism, and Film

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