David Sholle, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Media and Communication

David SholleDavid Sholle teaches television and film production, documentary and media theory. He is the co-author of Media Education and the Reproduction of Culture and Rethinking Media Literacy. Sholle has published articles on alternative media, the public sphere, critical media pedagogy, and the internet and information society. He has directed documentaries, including A Cold Day in D.C. (on the second Bush inauguration), The Hour has Come (on the 97th Bomb Squad: B 17 pilots and crew from WWII), and What Good are the Humanities? (on the value of the humanities focusing on Miami University). He is currently shooting a documentary on a cutting-edge green residence in Camden, Ohio, editing a film on coffee with Dr. Robert Thurston and directing Miami’s new Inside Hollywood workshop. He holds a Ph.D. in mass communication from Ohio University.

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